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Feb 23

Barney Greenway of Napalm Death speaks with The Age of Metal about Apex Predator — Easy Meat

When I told my friends this would be the first time I saw Napalm Death, they all pretty much said to expect total chaos. Well, chaos ensured at the Through Space and Grind tour on January 28th at the State Theater. Despite the small stage, all members of Napalm Death ravaged the little venue. St. …

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Feb 03

Ingested – The Architect of Extinction (2015)

The Architect Of Extinction is probably the most unmerciful thing to come out of the UK. This is Ingested‘s 4th and best album yet! Toshihiro Egawa, who designed the artwork for their début album, Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering, has awarded Ingested with another sadistic piece to unite their virtuosity. The members of Ingested are …

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Feb 02

Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Easy Meat (2015)

What do most people think of when they hear Napalm Death? Why would anyone write this let alone enjoy this? That this is what a murder sounds like? Or that this band are the founding fathers of grindcore? Well no matter what you think, the latter is the truth. With their newest album Apex Predator …

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Jan 17

Sylosis – Dormant Heart (2015)

Sylosis truly deserves to be bigger than they currently are –  and they will get there sooner than later if they continue producing albums like Dormant Heart! This is their heaviest and darkest album to date,  being the 4th CD released since the band signed on to Nuclear Blast Records in 2007, front man, Josh …

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Dec 26

Chris Barretto of Monuments discussed The Amanuensis, and touring North America.

The Abstract Reality North American Tour began early November of this year. The line-up included the talents of British technical band, Monuments, the djent techniques of instrumental band, Animals as Leaders, and the legendary Devin Townsend Project. On December 15th, the tours third to last stop happened to be right here in the heart of downtown Mesa, AZ, …

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Dec 20

Josh Middleton of Sylosis discussed with us the new album Dormant Heart

Sylosis will release their 4th studio album titled Dormant Heart, the album itself reflects the musical progression of this British quartet. The album itself is more visceral and heavy than Monilith (2012) musically speaking, Dormant Heart shows a darker side of Sylosis, their style born of Thrash Metal & Tech Death keeps their musical identity …

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Nov 14

Judas Priest live at Gila River Arena. Glendale, AZ (11/12/14)

It’s been a while since Judas Priest last visit the ‘valley of the sun’, but it was an odd night for us to see them live, It could be the impact of the new album or perhaps the heavy metal calendar being dumped over Arizona this week (Amon Amarth, Judas Priest, Arch Enemy, Kreator, Slayer …

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Jul 31

Sam Totman of Dragonforce talked to us about Maximum Overload

Dragonforce is a well-known power metal band, perhaps one of the best known out there. This year the U.K sextet is coming back with a new album titled, Maximum Overload. The album is the reaffirmation of the trademark sound that Dragonforce had built during the last 15 years (really fast riffs, high-pitched vocals and blasting drums). …

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May 29

Vallenfyre – Splinters (2014)

What started as a project to pay homage to the memory of Greg Mackingtosh‘s father, who passed in 2009, it rapidly became one of the greatest underground death metal bands that had released worth material in the last 4 years. If A Fragile King was a fantastic debut album, Splinters takes Vallefyre to a heavier and darker level.  Use …

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Apr 13

Amos Williams of TesseracT checked in with The Age of Metal

When you think of bands like TesseracT, you imagine them playing huge festivals with thousands of adoring fans. While this was a smaller show, it still packed all the right punches of a larger performance for the TesseracT show at Club Red on April 10th, 2014. This tour has MANY sold out dates as they’ve …

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Mar 14

Bill Steer of Carcass talked to us about The Decibel Magazine Tour 2014

Without a doubt British death metal band Carcass has been a huge influence on what we know as Death Metal & Grindcore today. Albums like Symphonies Of Sickness, Necrotism – Descanting the Insalubrious, and Heartwork are among the albums that pioneered those genres back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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