Tag: Black Metal

Mar 02

Ashmedi of Melechesh discussed the new album ENKI with The Age Of Metal

After five years between albums, Sumerian Black/Thrash metal act Melechesh comes back with a new & shiny studio album called Enki. The nine songs that composed the album are an array of different musical tendencies that together form the essence of the Melechesh sound we all know and love. Enki continues the Melechesh tradition of …

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Feb 24

Ravn of 1349 checked in with The Age Of Metal

Some bands change with the time, some transform their sound in million different ways, and some just stay loyal to the one sound they created since album one and yet they have the skills to make it sound fresh and better every time. The latter is the case of 1349, who last year released their sixth …

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Feb 24

Venom – From the Very Depths (2015)

So the legendary fathers of the extreme metal genre are back at it again with their fourteenth full-length album, From the Very Depths.  After 36 years of line-up changes, break-ups, and a string of hit and miss releases one may be skeptical whether not Venom still has it.  To be honest , not sure if this …

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Jan 31

Goat Semen – Ego Svm Satana (2015)

After fifteen years of activity of those Peruvian Black-Death metallers, Goat Semen has released their first studio record…. And it’s wrecker !!! Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Jan 27

Steffen Kummerer of Thulcandra talked to us about the new album Ascension Lost

Since 2003 Thulcandra has delivered a specially aged brew of death metal, a style that was lost in time, and now has return to brings us back to where everything started. Thulcandra‘s music was molded with the style that made Dissection ruled the 90’s, and that forged the traditional Swedish death metal sound.  Use Facebook to …

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Jan 23

Marduk – Frontschwein (2015)

This year starts very well… Marduk is back with a powerful record… Swedish Black Metal gods gather for attack !!! Frontschwein is the 13th studio album of this cult band, worldwide recognized as one of the most important black metal bands, and they are showing us what swedish black metal is… Raw, fast, and insane …

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Jan 21

Mayhem-Watain-Revenge bring Black Metal Warfare to Cleveland, OH (01/15/15)

Black Metal Warfare January 15, 2015 was definitely a night of anticipation from the announcement of such an epic line up; Canada’s Revenge, Swedish master’s Watain, and the unrivaled legendary Mayhem, to the mid-winter door delay. About an hour later than expected, the doors finally opened to the frostbit, but diverse Cleveland metal crowd. Admittedly, …

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Jan 20

Thulcandra – Ascension Lost (2015)

Once again the heir of Dissection in the 21st century have delivered a dark and majestic rendition of pure death & black metal goodness on Ascension Lost their new studio album, Since 2003 Thulcandra has forged their music following the line left by Dissection back in the 90’s, if you liked Under A Frozen Sun (2011) …

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Oct 30

Dagon of Inquisition discussed touring, and the effects of signing with a broad record label

Inquisition is a band that had experienced a transformation that took them from an underground past to a more exposed reality, this transformation has not changed the spirit of the band as many might think. In the contrary it has given the duet a chance to expand their horizons and to reach a more wide population. …

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Aug 18

Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore talked about Constricting Rage of the Merciless at The Summer Slaughter Tour

Goatwhore is a band that’s easily distinguishable by their grungy yet versatile sound. This unique band has conquered the metal scene with unorthodox tracks and a brutal show to match. And this year with their newest release Constricting Rage of the Merciless, The Summer Slaughter Tour has never seen anything so grimy in its existence. …

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Jun 30

Goatwhore – Constricting Rage of the Merciless (2014)

New Goatwhore is always a delightful thing. They are the death/black/extreme/hard rock/awesome metal band that obviously does their own thing and can actually pull it off. Their signature sound is best described as sacrificing the virgin cunt with a cattle prod; but you already know that. Anyway, they are releasing their newest album Constricting Rage …

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