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Mar 29

Abbath discussed his new album & the Decibel Magazine Tour 2016

Since his announce of going on solo last year, Abbath (Immortal‘s former frontman) has caused a worldwide shake in the black metal establishment, as he not only presented his new band at the famous Tuska Festival in Finland, but throughout the year he has dropped hints of his new self-titled album Abbath which was released …

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Mar 09

Clemens Ardek of Carach Angren discussed touring, composing & 70000 Tons Of Metal.

Carach Angren is in the process to become the biggest ghoulish band out there, following the example of the black metal bands in the 90’s that imposed the use of corpse paint, and combining that with their horror symphonic metal style, Carach Angren had taken it to a next level where the music is so entwined with their …

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Dec 30

Øystein G. Brun of Borknagar discussed their new album Winter Thrice

With 20 years of existence and 10 studio albums under their belt, Borknagar keeps showing why they belong to the hall of heroes of Norwegian metal. Continuing with the tradition of mixing black and folk metal they will be delivering a fresh album titled Winter Thrice that not  only reflects the progression of the band, but …

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Dec 04

Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ discusses being on the Route of Hell and their new album Rituals

The Black Metal Warfare Pt. II proved to be the route of Hell, but Rotting Christ proved to be superior. This act came all the way from Greece to deliver their material to America and prevailed. Even being the tour openers, this band immediately fumed the stage; their presence bearing amongst the masses as the …

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Sep 03

Chris Alfieri of Vattnet Viskar discusses Settler with The Age of Metal

Vattnet Viskar is an example of a band rising high in our universe, pushing their celestial boundaries. With two studio albums and a slew of tours supporting giant names, this band is a pulsating force that is widely extending their influence. With their newest release Settler, this band has proven they’re worthy of captivating every …

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Jul 10

Cradle of Filth – Hammer of the Witches (2015)

Countless labels, 20 band members and ten studio albums later Cradle of Filth is back paired up with Nuclear Blast to release the band’s 11th full-length studio album- Hammer of the Witches.   Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Jun 02

INFERNO Festival 2015 – Day 3 (04/04/15. Oslo, Norway)

Inferno‘s last day activities started with Swedish IXXI who presented their new album Skulls n’ Dust in society, which is the first album recorded after Nattdal passed away in 2011… An unholy grievance for the masses. After IXXI, Germans Secrets Of The Moon entered Rockefeller stage to show their thrash-based black metal full of hate… This year to …

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Apr 29

Shining – IX Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends (2015)

Shining is one of the most recognizable bands in black metal. The reason for that is because of how distinct yet versatile this band remains. Their newest release IX Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends proves this. The symphonic atmosphere is the perfect background for the incongruity of composition, and this will help keep the listener intrigued. …

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Apr 18

INFERNO Festival 2015 – Club Day (04/01/15. Oslo, Norway)

INFERNO is the biggest metalfest in Norway, mostly dedicated to Norwegian Folk-Black Metal with some bands from abroad, including some non Black Metal bands. This year’s INFERNO conmemorates the 15th edition of this “black easter” festival, starting with its traditional Club Day which is the appetizer of the main event. Four stages in three venues present the best …

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Mar 20

Negură Bunget- Tău (2015)

Finally, five years since the band’s last full-length studio album- Vîrstele Pămîntului– Negură Bunget release the first installment to their Transylvanian Trilogy– Tău. Negură Bunget has always combined Romanian history and folklore into their music-creating a unique and almost mystical blackened folk musical experience. The Transylvanian Trilogy will very literally use their homeland as inspiration for their music. …

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Mar 07

Enslaved- In Times (2015)

“Broken through the silk skin that separate the times…” Norwegian Black Metal visionaries, Enslaved, unleash their thirteenth full-length release, In Times,  to the world this March. With fans waiting three years since the band’s previous release (RIITIIR), it is needless to say that this is a highly anticipated release. As always, Enslaved did not conform to their …

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