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Jan 25

Georg Neuhauser of Serenity discussed Codex Atlanticus

Serenity‘s name and music became quite relevant around the symphonic metal and power metal scenes after the release of their sophomore album Fallen Sanctuary (2008) to later establish their mark with Death & Legacy (2011). The band’s line-up has changed quite a bit since 2015, and for the release of their upcoming album Codex Atlanticus. However, …

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Jul 23

Belphegor – Conjuring the Dead (2014)

Belphegor’s most recent masterpiece will prove that they are more than another extreme metal band. Conjuring The Dead is both everything we know about Belphegor, and a Belphegor we’ve never seen yet. This album will persuade and amaze the listener, completely submitting themselves to the band that is the apex of everything unorthodox. With one …

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Dec 12

Kontrust talked to us at Metal Female Voices Festival XI in Belgium

Austrian crossover revelation Kontrust has conquered Europe with their mix of pop & nu-metal riffs, and silly but fun lyrics. The band released their third album Second Hand Wonderland last year, and in 2013 they’ve dedicated themselves to tour in Europe, that is how they landed at the Metal Female Voices Fest XI in Belgium last …

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Jun 18

Lanvall & Sabrine of Edenbridge talked about The Bonding with The Age Of Metal

Since 1998 Edenbridge has been active as one of the key bands that forged the symphonic metal sound. The band has released seven studio albums so far, and are set to release their eighth studio album The Bonding this summer. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Jun 15

Summoning – Old Mornings Dawn (2013)

Seven years had passed since the members of Summoning escaped their captivity and torture in Minas Morgul under the evil rule of the Witch-King of Angmar. Their experience on that place of evil and pain served as inspiration to write their seven studio album Old Mornings Dawn. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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May 02

Fabio D’Amore of Serenity talked War Of Ages with The Age Of Metal

Serenity is a band that surprised me since their album Death & Legacy arrived to my desk when I was metal director in at my college radio station a couple of years back, then I went to Atlanta, GA last year for ProgPower USA XIII I got to see them steal the festival spotlight on the …

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Mar 16

Serenity – War Of Ages (2013)

Serenity is one of those bands that sounds amazing on your CD or mp3 player, but is until you see them live that you understand their true power. I had that experience last September at Progpower USA XIII during the band’s début in the United States. Their performance was so amazing that it stole the …

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Sep 20

Georg, Thomas & Clementine of Serenity checked in with The Age Of Metal from ProgPower USA XIII

Austria’s power metal band Serenity has been around since 2004 and so far have released three studio albums and toured Europe with the likes of DIO, Kamelot, Delain, Tristania, and Xandria.Their latest album Death And Legacy is a historical rendition that tell the story of characters like Sir Francis Drake, Giacomo Casanova, Albrecht Durer among others. …

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Feb 28

Hellsaw – Trist (2012)

Austrian Black Metal Band Hellsaw is back with their latest release “Trist.”  Currently signed with Napalm Records their new album Trist is composed of 9 tracks.  The band was formed back in 2002; current members are Aries (Vocals), Malthus (Guitars), Isiul (Guitars), Desderoth (Bass), and Neuroticon (Drums). Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Feb 13

ZOMBIE INC – A Dreadful Decease (2012)

The undead walking the earth, ripping out your guts out blood gushing, tearing you limb from limb, running in horror screaming in bloody terror as they try to eat you alive.  It’s not the zombie apocalypse but just as intense it’s ZOMBIE INC.’s debut album “A Dreadful Decease.”  The New Death-metal Band from Austria and Germany …

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Oct 21

Visions Of Atlantis – Maria Magdalena EP (2011)

After the success of their 4rd studio album Delta at the beginning of the year, Visions Of Atlantis returns with more great music. This time condensed on a six track EP titled Maria Magdalena. The name was taken from the 1985 german pop song, original of Sandra, and it’s the track that opens the EP. Visions Of Atlantis …

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