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Jul 23

Sean & Kevin of Thy Art Is Murder talked about Holy War & Mayhem Fest 2015

Since the worldwide released of Hate in 2013, Thy Art Is Murder has become one of the single most respected acts in the metalcore scene. When the genre was falling into monotony, it was Thy Art Is Murder who brought a different tone to it, they injected life to it. I am personally not into …

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Jun 29

Thy Art is Murder- Holy War (2015)

Produced in secret this past winter Thy Art is Murder recorded their third studio album and second release with Nuclear Blast.  After the acclaim of Hate and the intense touring; the band is utilized the momentum to put together their most confronting release yet.  Of course this new album already has controversy buzzing around it, …

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Apr 12

Psycroptic – The World Discarded (2015)

Psycroptic are another one of those underrated technical metal bands out there. Within the last 16 years, they have given us amazing albums like The Isle of Disenchantment, The Scepter of the Ancients, Symbols of Failure, Ob (Servant), and  2012’s The Inherited Repression. Their latest album, The World Discarded was released March 10th of this …

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Jan 23

Skull Fist/Elm Street/ Night Demon at Nile Theater (01/20/15)

Last Tuesday night, I got the pleasure to see a great heavy metal show down at Nile Theater, even though I am not too fond of the venue, as is not the best we have around here, I can say that the Skull Fist, Elm Street & Night Demon show sounded fairly solid, and it …

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Apr 18

Thy Art is Murder – Hate (2013)

Thy Art is Murder is one of the most ruthless and energetic bands that have entered the scene. They proved long ago that brutality exists within Australia, and are one of the leading bands from that area. I’ve personally been keeping up with them ever since I got their E.P. Infinite Death. The track “Whore …

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Apr 14

Be’lakor – Of Breath and Bone (2013)

In recent years Australia has been fast becoming a leading power in the metal community. Melodic Death metallers Be’lakor is one such band leading their home country in metal and this year released their newest opus called Of Breath and Bone. Now this album actually was released a year prior but a USA release was …

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Apr 04

Chris “CJ” McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder talked ‘Hate’ with The Age Of Metal

Deathcore Australian sensation Thy Art Is Murder just released their new album Hate a couple days back here in the US, and they also in the fight for the opening spot at the Summer Slaughter Tour this year. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Feb 05

Danny & Mike of 4Arm checked in with The Age Of Metal

Australia is well known because of things like, AC/DC, The Sydney Opera, Kangaroos, Koalas and Forsters just to name a few. But what about if I tell you that they also produce badass thrash metal?. Well they do, and the living proof of that is, 4Arm, a quartet heading from Melbourne that is currently supporting Testament in …

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Feb 08

Psycroptic – The Inherited Repression (2012)

When one thinks of the island of Tasmania which is situated south of Australia, one does not think of metal. Psycroptic from Hobart, Tasmania is one such band that will prove you wrong and proves that metal is alive and well even in the land from way down under. Psycroptic plays a sort of Technical …

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Nov 05

Divine Ascension – As The Truth Appears (2011)

Coming from the outbacks of Australia land of titans like AC/DC or heavy metal icons Pegazus. A new promise appears on the horizon, Divine Ascension, a band that don’t have anything to envy to their predecessors, Nightwish, After Forever & Epica. The Australians made their own brew of symphonic progressive female fronted metal. The voice …

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