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Jun 01

Thorsten Bauer of Leaves Eyes discussed new Atrocity & Leaves Eyes albums.

Leaves Eyes returned to the USA for a second tour less than a year after their successful run with Sonata Arctica last November/December. This time around they came on a tour along with Battle Beast and supporting Sabaton. This time around they had the chance to play at bigger venues before a larger and more diverse …

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Feb 10

Alexander Krull of Atrocity chats with The Age Of Metal

The American death metal scene had to wait 25 years to see one of the pioneers of these metal genre on a full tour North American tour. Atrocity, was formed by Alexander Krull in 1985 with a musical root on grindcore that developed into death metal, and eventually would be transformed into gothic metal and with …

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Dec 20

Miguel’s Top 20 Albums of 2013

Every year becomes more difficult to pick the best albums at the end of the year, some are better than others, some are just fantastic, and some are good, but for one reason or another they don’t make the list at the end. This year was a roller-coaster of great bands releasing great records, I …

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Nov 15

Alex Krull of Leaves Eyes/Atrocity talked to The Age Of Metal at Metal Female Voices Fest XI

German folk metal pioneers Leaves Eyes are about to unleash their 5th studio album titled Symphonies Of The Night via Napalm Records this November 26th in US. (November 15th in Europe). Leaves Eyes goes back to their roots on this record, which can only be categorized as heavenly epic. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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Jun 02

Atrocity – Okkult (2013)

Germany is well-known for being a power metal superpower, and we have been witness of that since the 80’s with bands like: Accept, Helloween & Gamma Ray. But did you know that they also have produced Atrocity, which is one of the most heaviest, dynamic and charismatic death metal bands in the country. Use Facebook to Comment …

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May 23

Alexander Krull of Atrocity talked about Okkult with The Age Of Metal

Twenty five years of experience in the international metal scene, eight studio albums, countless tours, and possibly the most “out of the box” band out there (musically speaking) as they can play the fastest and brutal metal to the softest gothic pop metal. Atrocity is without a doubt one of the biggest death metal bands …

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