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Jul 29

ARSIS release play-through drum video of pre-production track

Virginia tech-death overlords ARSIS, will serve as direct support to Swedish melodic death metallers SCAR SYMMETRY this September in North America. ARSIS will be performing a brand new song on this tour entitled “As Deep As Your Flesh”. The track will serve as the band’s first new material since Unwelcome was released in 2013. Listen to the pre-production for …

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Sep 25

Arsis Discussed ‘A Decade Of Guilt’ 10th Year Anniversary Tour

March 30th 2004 was the date that Arsis released A Celebration Of Guilt, not only their first full studio album, but a key piece for the basis of the American technical death metal scene. The album is a pure 11 track masterpiece, from beginning to end, that gained a lot positive reviews and comments by …

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Dec 19

Camden Cruz’s 10 top albums of 2013

I’m Camden Cruz, one of the guitarists of the Floridian Power Metal band Seven Kingdoms. Before we go to the list, I need to say that I didn’t have all the time to listen to all the amazing releases this year. There are several CDs I still need to spin and a lot of other …

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May 29

Interview with Arsis (The ‘Unwelcome’ chat)

Arsis‘s music is difficult to understand if you are foreign to Death Metal, as their formula breaks apart from the other bands that try to play this kind of music. They don’t bother in calling it tech death metal anymore, as they think that the term ‘has been out of hand for a long time …

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May 09

James Malone of Arsis talked Unwelcome with The Age Of Metal

Arsis had become one of the more professional and clean sounded bands in the American technical death metal spectrum in the last 6 years, regardless of their unstable line up the band had achieved success developing a unique sound in today’s competitive tech-death scene Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Apr 29

Arsis – Unwelcome (2013)

Arsis has, yet again, released a strong new album. This latest full-length, Unwelcome, adds to the technical goodness that Arsis is best known for. Any Arsis fans, including me, know Arsis for their ability to remain brutal while staying intricate in their composition. These are the reasons why Arsis has truly continued to be singular. …

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