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Nov 08

Anathema & Alcest at Dom Omladine Beograda (Belgrade, Serbia 10/23/17)

Patience seems to be a virtue that the metal scene in Serbia has learned to master through recent years as tours quite often don’t visit this part of the Balkans. With that being said, the Anathema and Alcest tour was received with excitement and enthusiasm when the tour stopped at Dom Omladine in the center of …

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Oct 12

Neige of Alcest chats with The Age of Metal

Whether it is black metal, post-metal or shoegazing, whatever genre Alcest touches is a guaranteed win. The intellect behind Alcest is a man named Neige. His music is nothing less than brilliant and can only be described as a journey, or an experience. In support of their 2012 release Les Voyages de L’Âme (The Journeys of the Soul) as well as their upcoming album, Shelter (2014), Alcest sailed …

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Oct 11

Danny Cavanagh of Anathema talked to The Age Of Metal

I remember coming across Anathema‘s Eternity album during my teenage days, and listening to it back to back for days. At that time it was the most dark and relaxing music I ever heard, even though the band had move on from that period they still remain as an important musical influence for me today. …

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Apr 27

Anathema – Weather Systems (2012)

In the early nineties three bands came out from England who personified the Death/Doom sub-genre: My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, and Anathema. Out of all of them Anathema has been the one who went the furthest away from their roots later in their career. In 1996 they released their album Eternity which saw Anathema going …

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