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Dec 01

Hate Eternal at State Theater St. Petersburg, FL (11/24/15)

To say that Hate Eternal is a good live band is an understatement. With a fifteen year existence, this beast curled its claws around St. Petersburg, Florida. On November 24 State Theater hosted this intense performance. While their material is aggressive on recording, when it’s played live it truly bites into flesh; every note pounds …

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Nov 10

Intronaut – The Direction of Last Things (2015)

Intronaut has always been a band that has progressed fast. With talented individuals these musicians and songwriters craft songs anyone can remember. They use a blend of catchy melodies with aggression that’s illimitable. With The Direction of Last Things, they opened themselves up to new ideas and in this process they effectively rediscovered themselves. Not …

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Nov 04

Fates Warning delivered A Pleasant Shade Of Grey show at Club Red (10/29/15)

After a couple of years of absence Fates Warning returned to the Phoenix area, as they continue to promote their latest album Darkness In A Different Light (2013). This time around the venue was bigger and the mood was better. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Nov 02

Sanctuary plays Club Red Mesa, AZ (10/28/15)

Seattle’s very own metal legends Sanctuary stopped by Club Red in Mesa, AZ Wednesday night for a good old-fashioned metal show. Sanctuary reformed a couple of years back  after a long hiatus, but since their return they have been quite busy by releasing  a new album, The Year The Sun Died (2014), and touring North America, …

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Nov 02

Arkaik – Lucid Dawn (2015)

Arkaik is the kind of band that came out of nowhere but took over our minds. They’re some of the most talented and creative individuals in death metal today, and their newest album Lucid Dawn proves that. Listening to this album will plunge you into an extra-terrestrial world filled with mystery and violence. Overall this …

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Oct 28

Chris Broderick of Act Of Defiance discussed first tour & Birth and the Burial

Act of Defiance is becoming an awakening force within today’s metal scene, which was not only confirmed when they released their début album, Birth And The Burial last August. In a personal level it was reassured as soon they took the stage last Friday at Club Red in Mesa, AZ. The talent within this new band is …

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Oct 20

Ian Campbell of Culture Killer discussed Throes of Mankind

It seems more often when a band shares their opinions about politics, society, or the state of public affairs within their lyrics the label of ‘Political’ comes to mind. Culture Killer does just that on their upcoming album Throes of Mankind, but the band is not interested on labels of any kind, they are just expressing their …

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Oct 19

Max Portnoy of Next to None discussed A Light In The Dark and their current tour.

Next To None has the potential to become the next best thing in this metal universe, they are four talented musicians from Lehigh Valley, PA who have not even reach their 18th birthday yet, and they have already put out a full length album, and tour with the likes of Adrenaline Mob, Felix Martin, Haken and Fates Warning. …

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Oct 14

Bobby “Blitz” of Overkill talks North American Tour & White Devil Armory

Ever since I got to see Overkill in Bogotá, Colombia in front of over 100.000 people at Rock Al Parque 2011, they have become along with Exodus and Death Angel one my favorite thrash metal bands to see live. Their new album White Devil Armory is brutal as fuck, and their previous work, The Electric …

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Oct 12

Michael Romeo of Symphony X on touring & the impact of Underworld

Since it’s very conception Symphony X has always maintained a strong connection with their fan-base not only through their music, but also on they way they are,  they are just a bunch of nice guys that would talk with anyone. Just last week minutes after the band’s show in Tempe, AZ. I came across with …

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Oct 07

Wrvth – Wrvth (2015)

  Wrvth has emerged with a new soung and an outlook on their music. Their fitting self-titled release truly describes this band’s growth and how they have changed as a band. This third full-length release shows the dexterity and passion like all of their releases did when they were called Wrath of Vesuvius; but rather …

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