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Feb 25

Overkill – The Grinding Wheel (2017)

After eighteen albums and way more lineup changes than we can count, Overkill shows us you don’t need off the wall left field experimentation to bring something fresh to the table.  Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Mar 31

Aborted – Retrogore (2016)

Have you ever not listened to Aborted and felt like some maniac was gorging through an open wound. Are you not surprised that their new album Retrogore sounds like a power trip on meth and virgin blood? If you answered yes to the previous questions, then you should totally check out this album! Use Facebook …

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Oct 05

Enslaved – RIITIIR (2012)

Enslaved may not be the first band that comes to mind when you think of Black Metal, but they’re one of those groups that you almost have to know. For most bands, having 15 studio albums and EPs would force them to either drastically change direction or inevitably become repetitive, but Enslaved is able to …

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