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Feb 24

Doyle talks about his new album As We Die, touring and Misfits reunion

The Misfits‘ legendary guitar player and now solo artists Doyle is about to release his new album As We Die, the album which was recorded at the same time as Doyle‘s latest album Abominator was put on ice until the completion of the Abominator cycle. With that in mind, this new album is a continuation …

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Feb 05

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein talked to The Age of Metal at Winter NAMM 2014

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is iconic for being the long-standing guitarist of The Misfits. But it was an eye-opener seeing Doyle release his latest project simply titled Doyle. This project consists of former Misfits member drummer Dr. Chud, Alex Story of Cancerslug as the vocalist and Graham Reaper on bass. The début album Abominator was released …

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