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Apr 14

Travis Bartosek of Abiotic discussed their new album Casuistry

Out of all the rising bands, Abiotic is by far the most innovative of them all. They just released their second album titled Casuistry, and they’re already claiming the throne of modern death metal authority. Compared to the début album Symbiosis, Abiotic thrives in clean grooves transitioning to brutal atmospheres in Casuistry. With this album, …

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Apr 08

Abiotic – Casuistry (2015)

Abiotic has never taken their music easily, meaning they never write their albums for the sake of simply writing music. With this second album, Abiotic forces you to open up your mind and explore the terrifying and hidden depths of your nightmares. Casuistry combines serpentine-like grooves intertwined with a vitiating monstrosity, forcing you to surrender …

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