Oct 13

Tad Morose – St Demonius (2015)



Tad Morose made a pretty solid return a couple of years back with Reverant (2013), as they keep on the path of continuity with this year’s release St Demonius. Tad Morose sounds healthy and stronger than ever before on this record, I didn’t listen to the band until Reverant, but I have had heard their name many times on the context of European metal discussions and chats with friends. The sound on St Demonius keeps the same line of what they release on Reverant, but its more elaborated and direct. 

Bow To The Reaper’s Blade opens the album with a good amount of fine riffs, and a mix between soft and heavy all in sync with the powerful vocals of Ronny HemlinForlorn, delivers a set of atmospheric guitars, a more melodic tone that replaces the heaviness used on the opening song. Where Ignorance Reigns, is more of a slow song that seems to be vocal oriented rather than designed to be a fast song.

Remain, is my favorite song out of the album, its heavy, catchy, and the density of the guitar riffs makes it an odd song to describe, but easily to enjoy. Black Fire, is a more progressive song that has a lot of complex guitar melodies built on it. Day Of Reckoning, comes of as a dark and slow song that again makes of the vocals the epicenter of the song. The Shadows Play, is a strange and a quite different from the rest of the album,  at first look it might seem like a fast and disorganized song, but perhaps that was the intention all along.

Darkness Prevail, I could describe it as my second favorite song of the album. Its catchy, melodic and overall strong, once again the vocals are spot on, and the guitar riffs are heavy and fun at the same time. Fear Subside feels a bit repetitive at times, but overall has some good riffs. Dream Of Memories, is another progressive kind of song that uses dense and heavy tempos.

The World Is Growing Old, is a slow kind of ballad filled with catchy riffs that once again create a sense of density around the song. Your Own Demise closes the album in the same style, it has a bit of space oriented parts especially in the middle of it, and once again the vocal parts are amazingly good. Overall, St Demonius is a great continuation on this new chapter in the story of Tad Morose, it shows the work and the chemistry the band is developing with every piece of music they create, a good album for the lovers of straight forward heavy metal.

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆


1. Bow To The Reapers Blade
2. Forlorn
3. Where Ignorance Reigns
4. Remain
5. Black Fire Rising
6. Day Of Reckoning
7. The Shadows Play
8. Darkness Prevail
9. Fear Subside
10. Dream Of Memories
11. The World Is Growing Old
12. Your Own Demise
Genre: Heavy metal / Power Metal
Record Label: Despotz Records
Playing Time: 43 Minutes


Line up: 

Guitars: Christer “Krunt” Andersson
Drums: Peter Morén
Bass: Tommi Karppanen
Vocals: Ronny Hemlin
Guitars: Kenneth Jonsson



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