Jul 09

Symphony X – Iconoclast (2011)


Progressive metal pioneers Symphony X returns with a new album after two years of absence of the scene. Their new work titled Iconoclast is a concept album which is based in the idea of the alienation of men by machines a idea that we have seen already on movies like The Matrix or Terminator, and that was explained to us by singer Russell Allen when he talked to The Age Of Metal a couple of months back.

The album opens with the title track Iconoclast a very epic track filled with choirs and keyboards on which the riffs of Michael Romeo breakthrough them. follow by The End Of Innocence a fast paced song full of syncopations and denounces of machine domination. Dehumanized is a raging track full of fast riffs about human consciousness. Bastards Of The Machine is a track full of futuristic atmospheres that would fill perfectly on any sci-fi film’s soundtrack. Heretic have a persecuting beat that would follow all day, and is one of the most catchy songs of the album.

Children Of A Faceless God is a song that put to the test the vocal ability of Russell Allen and from which he rises victorious. Electric Messiah is a fast track with a great guitar work by Michael Romeo that shows why he is one of best shredders out there. Prometheus (I Am Alive) is not only an allegory to greek mythology like is already familiar in Symphony X‘s imaginary but a real trip of song and a very enjoyable piece of music. When All Is Lost is a ballad and the only one in the album, a soft piano song that closes the album a great interaction between voice and keys and an atmospheric background music

Symphony X again wows their fans with a great album, a great musicalization and a concept that is today out there. The relationship between men and machine and the alienation of man by it, that makes the day by day a dependency of those machines, from the toaster to the electric car.


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