Apr 27

Sworn Enemy discussed touring, the New York hardcore scene, and more.



During the last 18th years Sworn Enemy had become one of the most important bands in the modern New York hardcore scene, following the steps of titans like Agnostic Front, Bad brains, or Minor Threat. They opened their own path into a wild scene that had already a pre-established legacy.

Sworn Enemy had changed of line up many times, yet their very own sound still remains. Their last album (Living On Borrowed Time) was released in May 2014 with a whole new line up, still they delivered a heavy and dangerous sound. With the release of the album it also came a non stoping tour that took them all across America, Europe, and now they back visiting America from east to west. Last week they stopped at Club Red in Mesa, AZ for an interesting show. Their live vibe was intense, their sound heavy, but not full on hardcore, as their sound has some thrash & speed metal influences here and there.

It was a good show regardless the small audience, as a Tuesday could be a rough day for shows. Nevertheless, this New York act delivered a devastating show (if you were there you’d know, but if you weren’t there, you missed out) Before their set, The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with the whole Sworn Enemy band about their current tour, Living On Borrowed Time‘s fans response, the NY hardcore scene, and what is next for them.

Pictures: Sworn Enemy at Club Red. Mesa AZ (04/21/15)



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