Apr 12

Sven de Caluwe of Aborted discusses Retrogore & admits he’s Freddy Krueger



There is no death metal band more unmerciful than Aborted. Everyone knows this band has the power to reduce you to blood and guts. Every shredding solo or blast beat sounds like ripping flesh. Mixed in with Sven de Caluwe’s vocals, this band hooks you by your own flesh and perpetually drags you around. And this year Aborted shreds back into your skull with their newest album Retrogore.

Aborted continues their tale of murder and torture, but this time with atmospheric and melodic elements amidst the brutality and technicality. But it’s still Aborted, so there’s a rotting carcass laying amongst the fancy stuff.

I could simply say Retrogore is a really good album but does Aborted only write songs about aliens while adding techy solos? So I’m going to say Sven sounds like he’s crunching on bones, each piercing solo delivers a swift punch to your stomach, and the rapidity of drummer Ken Bedene is hard enough to crush your skull. Yeah, that’s a lot more accurate. It’s easy to develop some brutal fantasies when listening to Retrogore. So when listening to the new material, try to remind yourself that intestinal condoms are not a good idea. And remember that every song is about poop.

Okay, enough of the violent analogies (maybe I’m the one with the brutal fantasies…) but Aborted does mix more melody in with their signature sound, making the songs featured on Retrogore way catchier. But this is still pretty abrupt because you can only not blast beat for so long when it comes to death metal. Retrogore will be the one leaving fresh bruises and wounds on your flesh. In short, expect lots of skullfucking because Sven is going in dry.

The Age of Metal was able to speak with Sven de Caluwe of Aborted. In the interview, we discuss Retrogore, horror movies, and why Sven is really Freddy Krueger.



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