Aug 08

Svartsot – Maledictus Eris (2011)


Talk about the black plague is talk about of the worse illness that had attacked the human race in history, it killed almost 60% of the European population during the 14th century. In Maledictus Eris (Cursed Thou Shall Be) the Danish folk metal band Svartsot describe the suffering and experiences of Danish people who were victims of the black plague. With a more darker but strong sound Svartsot returns with their third studio album. Even though the lyrics are in Danish the band make their point across telling the story of how the plague affected those caught in its path of death.

The album is a historical and musical ride of good folk metal. Denmark metal market has always been filled with great bands (Mercyful Fate, Iron Fire, Mnemic, Royal Hunt,) and now Svartsot can be added to that list. Maledictus Eris is indeed the best effort of the band so far, with a impeccable production and a great instrumentalization of the folk metal element which makes this album fun and enjoyable to the ear. If you are a fan of Folk Metal this album is an absolute must have, great music with a good and interesting background story.


1. Staden…
2. Gud giv det varer ved!
3. Dødedansen
4. Farsoten kom
5. Holdt ned af en Tjørn
6. Den forgængelige Tro
7. Om jeg lever kveg
8. Kunsten at dø
9. Den nidske Gud
10. Spigrene
11. Og Landet ligger så øde hen


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