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Suffocation – … Of The Dark Light (2017)


For about 26 years, Technical Death Metal masters, Suffocation, from New York, have been releasing crushing and brutal Death Metal. Arguably one of the first Death Metal bands to incorporate technical elements, Suffocation have paved the way for many modern Death Metal bands. With seven full-length albums, including the beasts that are Effigy of the Forgotten, and  Pierced from Within, Suffocation will be releasing their eighth full-length album entitled, …Of The Dark Light, through Nuclear Blast on June 9th. 

…Of The Dark Light opens with a killer track entitled Clarity Through Deprivation. The song opens with what sounds like vocals from a choir singing “ahhh,” and then it quickly erupts into all instruments and vocals from Suffocation. The catchy riffs from the guitars accompany noticeable bass riffs from Derek, and the part where Frank sings “clarity through deprivation” sounds like the breakdown of the song with slow, chunky, and catchy riffs. That breakdown sounding part with the drums and rhythm guitar from Charles accompany the guitar solo from Terrance,  up until the end of the song, making it an enjoyable start to the album.

The third track on the album, Your Last Breaths, which was the first single the band released from …Of The Dark Light, with a 360 visualizer, is personally my favorite song on the album. The song opens with all instruments, with some sick guitar riffs, noticeable bass riffs, and later on, some sick drum fills from Eric. Frank‘s vocals come in at around the 36-second mark. The guitar solo is accompanied by the same riffs from the bass and rhythm guitar and the drums. The song is very catchy, yet far from simplistic, and I find myself listening to it a lot lately.

Return to The Abyss, which is the fourth song on the album, and second single Suffocation released from …Of The Dark Light, as a lyric video opens with what sounds like Frank saying “Oooh,” and it gradually gets louder. Then all other members follow with their playing shortly after. I think the echoing of the lyric “darkness,” is cool, and I like how the first and second guitar solos are accompanied by fast riffs from the rhythm guitar. I also like how the lyric video shows what looks like you’re staring into an abyss at certain points throughout the video, as it really fits the title of the song.

The title track of the album opens with all instruments, and the vocals quickly follow. It’s really fast-paced, and I like the play of the cymbals break before the song comes back in. There are two awesome guitar solos before more cymbal play, then slow, catchy, and heavy riffs from a guitar are played, and then comes the “breakdown” of the song. Another awesome guitar solo is accompanied by the “breakdown,” and the guitars ring out for the ending of the song. It’s also another personal favorite of mine on the album.

The last song on the album, Epitaph of The Credulous, opens with a hit of a drum, and a note on a guitar, then the other guitar, bass, and vocals quickly come in. The short bass solo at the 35-second mark is groovy sounding and catchy. The song is pretty fast paced and technical up until the 1:20 mark, when the song gets slow with a slow guitar and bass riffs, and slow paced drums. The song picks up the pace again at the 2:33 mark and a very fast paced guitar solo comes in at the 2:50 mark, that’s accompanied by fast rhythm guitar and bass riffs, and drumming. The song gets a bit slower again at the 3:20 mark after some drum fills are played, and the song keeps that pace up until the end of the song, where it fades out with Frank‘s vocals and a guitar ringing out, so the album doesn’t just suddenly end.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • Clarity Through Deprivation
  • The Warmth Within The Dark
  • Your Last Breaths
  • Return to The Abyss
  • The Violation
  • Of The Dark Light
  • Some Things Should be Left Alone
  • Caught Between Two Worlds
  • Epitaph of The Credulous

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing Time: 35:17


Frank Mullen – Vocals
Terrance Hobbs – Guitars
Charles Errigo – Guitars
Derek Boyer – Bass
Eric Morotti – Drums

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