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Stratovarius – Under Flaming Winter Skies, Live in Tempere (2012)


Is not doubt that Stratovarius is one of the most important bands in power metal history, with a long musical career of over 20 years and 16th studio albums that forged the sound of the band, is also truth that to craft their sound the band has gone through many line up changes, and their last one saw the departure of long time drummer Jorg Michael for personal reasons last year.

To celebrate the career achievements of Jorg, the band decided to put out a CD/DVD of the last show they played with him at Pakkahuone in Tempere, Finland last November. Under Flaming Winter Skies, Live In Tampere. The Jorg Michael Farewell Tour, can be described as an emotional show in which the band played a selective set list out of the different eras of the band in which Jorg Michael was present. This includes songs from Episode (Father Time & Speed Of Light) Visions (Coming Home, The Kiss Of Judas, Paradise & Black Diamond) Infinite (Hunting High And Low) Polaris (Winter Skies) & Elysium (Under Flaming Skies & Darkest Hours). They also played some cover songs from Deep Purple, The Who and Queensryche all arranged to fit Stratovarius‘s music

The whole live experience of a Stratovarius show is just amazing. The love and passion of the crowd, the classics mixed with their new material, the powerful voice of Timo Kotipelto, and all the attention fixed on Jorg Michael made this live record not only emotional and special. Is also the testimony that Stratovarius will continue moving forward towards new goals and redefining the sound of power metal. A great live experience from one of the most important bands in metal history.


01. Under Flaming Skies
02. I Walk To My Own Song
03. Speed Of Light
04. The Kiss Of Judas
05. Deep Unknown
06. Eagleheart
07. Paradise
08. Visions (Southern Cross)
09. Coming Home
10. Legions
11. Darkest Hours


12. Burn (DEEP PURPLE cover)
13. Behind Blue Eyes (THE WHO cover)
14. I Don’t Believe In Love (QUEENSRŸCHE cover)
15. Winter Skies
16. Black Diamond

Encore 2:

17. Father Time
18. Hunting High And Low


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