Nov 28

Stormwarrior – Heathen Warrior (2011)


While not adding anything new to the speed metal genre Stormwarrior’s Heathen Warrior is still a fast, heavy metal that would appeal to the fans of the genre.

Formed in 1998, Stormwarrior is a Speed metal band from Hamburg, Germany. Heathen Warrior is their new offering for 2011 after 3 years. Stormwarrior draws their influences from the 80s metal scene especially the German scene with the likes of Helloween and Running Wild.

The 80s was a much simpler time, no excess of metal subgenres and leather everywhere. Stormwarrior’s Heathen Warrior seems to be very much a throw back to that 80s sound much like their heroes in the 80s German speed metal scene like Helloween (Kai Hansen of Helloween and Gamma Ray even produced some of their albums). Stormwarrior is vocalist/guitarist Lars Ramcke, guitarist Alex Guth, bassist Yenz Leonhardt and drummer Hendrik Thiesbrummel. Lars sounds somewhat like Andy Deris of Helloween while guitar wise it is the typical power chords structure and then solos. Drummer Hendrik is competent able to keep the beat going and in true metal fashion the bassist is barely audible.

From a lyrical perspective they seem to go the way of viking lore. Songs like ‘The Rise of Asgard’ and ‘The Valkyries Ride’ show that while not the most thought provoking kind of lyrics, they are still metal and thats good enough for them. Heathen Warrior is a decent album for all metal heads who want more 80’s inspired speed metal and is definitely an album to pick up if needing a true headbanging album.

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