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Steve Souza of Exodus discusses playing in Florida and new music.



Exodus is one of the most legendary thrash metal bands. This is why Florida is stoked to have this monster act headline a couple of dates in the sunshine state! This is a band that has been around the world and back so many times they travel for the rest of us, but it’s a rarity that they hit Florida. This is shocking since Exodus have such strong support from Florida.

With that being said, Exodus is stoked to play Florida! These Californians will welcome the hot weather they’re accustomed to when they first reach the Brass Mug in Tampa on July 8, and then Club Vixens in Fort Lauderdale on July 9. But don’t think this is all of Exodus’ touring plans for 2016. They have a busy summer in Europe playing festivals such as Metal Days, and then off to the east where they will play Loud Park in Japan as well as doing more touring in the east.

Exodus is a band that’s not stopping anytime soon, and will probably never stop. With guitarist Gary Holt joining Slayer, this hasn’t stopped Exodus having a busy tour schedule and writing new music. Exodus has influenced someone on every corner of the world; from Florida to Japan, Exodus will be the thrash band to conquer in 2016.

Their newest album Blood In Blood Out proves Exodus has the same old-school thrash feel but they continue to grow as musicians. Overall, Exodus has remained the most brutal force in thrash for this long, and they will continue to hold this standard for writing the most belligerent music. But Blood In Blood Out was released in 2014, so it’s time for new material. This is why it seems promising that Exodus will release new material in 2017. While there can’t be any details said, Exodus fans have something else to look forward to after this long year of touring.

The Age of Metal was able to speak to legendary Exodus vocalist Steve Souza. In the interview we discuss playing in Florida, the other touring they have planned for this year and what he can tell us about new music.




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