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Steve & Jon of Halcyon Way discussed touring North America


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I came across Halcyon Way‘s name and music during my first ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta, GA in 2010 at the Nightmare records booth, but it was until 2013 when that toured North American with Saxon and Fozzy that I got to see them live, at that time they were finishing the promo cycle for their sophomore album Building The Towers (2010) 

I remember their show was intense and quite progressive and they have not yet released Conquer at the time, so none of those songs were out yet. Forwarding time three years later they are touring North America again, this time supporting Queensrÿche on their Condition Human tour that came through Arizona last week.

The set that Halcyon Way presented last time was different to the one I saw a few years ago, as they played almost the whole Conquer album. I am not quite sure how similar Queensrÿche & Saxon crowds are, of if anyone at the Marquee Theater remembered them from that show, but they got a pretty good reception during and after their set, as I saw people visiting their merch table and talking with them.

It’s interesting to see how time could change a band, or in the case of Halcyon Way how their music has evolved into the monster they are now, not for nothing they have won the award for the best GA band twice in a row, these guys are on fire, and definitely, we will look close at what they would do next.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Steve Braun (vocals) & Jon Bodan (guitar) of Halcyon Way about their tour with Queensrÿche, the fan response towards Conquer, their show in Bogota, Colombia, and what is next for them in 2016.

Pictures: Halcyon Way at Marquee Theater (Tempe, AZ 01/12/16)



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