Nov 29

Steffen Kummerer talks Obscura with The Age Of Metal


Obscura is a technical death metal band from Germany that has been around the metal scene for almost 10 years now, their complex musical structure which is a combination of virtuosism and technical musical composition is what make this band be so good on record and live. With four full studio albums on their shoulders the band plays one of the most complex music out there these days, and last Wednesday night we had the chance to presence that musical quality when Obscura played at The Clubhouse. Unfortunately it was not crowded as expected. However, the show was amazing and the band played songs from their albums Cosmogenesis and Omnivium.

Previous to the show we had the opportunity to talk with Steffen Kummerer guitar player and founder of Obscura about their new album, line up changes and the technicality behind their music. This is what he told us:

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