May 24

Starkill – Fires of Life (2013)



Melodic Death Metal has always had a weird place here in the US. For one thing the sub-genre had it’s inception in Europe and more specifically in the Gothenburg scene. Starkill hails from Chicago and plays a very Euro style of metal. With their new album Fires of Life shows their musical prowess mixing melodic death with symphonic elements and insane amounts of shredding guitars.

Now Starkill is a relatively new band so there is really nothing of their old stuff to really compare this album to. Starkill was formed in 2008 with a passion of melodic death metal. Now with that in mind in their sound they have also added many symphonic elements giving them a very epic feel. The album begins with Whispers of Heresy and kicks the door open with an intense amounts of tremolo picking, blast beats, and venomous growls. Really on first impression Starkill sounded like a symphonic black metal band but as the first song progresses you see them adding elements like power metal solos and death metal riffage in the mix to create a very european blend in their sound. One of the things about Starkill is their instrumental prowess as everyone is on top form on this album. A lot of the guitar work especially in the solo sections have a very Dragonforce feel to them being ultra fast with insane amounts of legato, usage of whammy bar, and sweeps. In reality Starkill is mixing Children of Bodom/Kalmah, Dragonforce, a bit of Dimmu Borgir and Amon Amarth to create a solid sound. The album continues to amaze the listener with all these elements thrown in the melting pot making Starkill sound very european, almost to the point where it sounds almost too european.

   Starkill’s Fire of Life is a momentous debut for a band from Chicago. With this album Starkill is sure to destroy any other melodic death metal band from the US and will be something for people to look out for in the future.



1. Whispers of Heresy
2. Fires of Life
3. Sword,Spear, Blood, Fire
4. Below the Darkest Depths
5. Immortal Hunt
6. New Infernal Rebirth
7. Strength in the Shadow
8. This Is Our Battle; This Is Our Day
9. Withdrawn From All Humanity
10. Wash Away The Blood With Rain

Genre: Symphonic/Melodic Death Metal

Label: Century Media

Playing Time: 55 Minutes


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