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Following the release of “Behind-Beyond” — the critically acclaimed EP from psychedelic, classically-infused doom metal act SPIRIT ADRIFT — which NOISEY proclaimed as “one of 2016’s most promising metal releases”, PROSTHETIC RECORDS is pleased to announce that SPIRIT ADRIFT will continue to unveil new material with their debut full-length album, “Chained To Oblivion”, on August 12. Produced again by Bob Hoag at Arizona’s Flying Blanket Studios, “Chained to Oblivion” show the continuing evolution and growth of the band’s creator, Nate Garrett, both as a songwriter and a person.

The songs on “Chained To Oblivion” deal with struggle, adversity, suffering, helplessness, hopelessness, but ultimately triumph“, commented Garrett, “I believe that the life experiences which fueled these songs, plus the amount of emotion and energy attached to the recording session itself… all that will touch listeners who are open to it. Sonically speaking, expect more vocal harmonies, trippier lyrics, more guitar harmonies, groovier bass, and drumming that’s way more solid. It’s heavier, prettier, more concise, more focused, and more confident.

Garrett continued to share details on the album’s stunning artwork from Revolting Worship’s Nate Burns adding, “He nailed it, again. The artwork on “Chained To Oblivion” continues to follow the trials and tribulations of Spirit Adrift’s matriarch, Brenda. Nate Burns and I talked about my ongoing obsession with outer space, old X-Men comics (particularly some of the Phoenix story arcs), and subliminal stimuli within art. This artwork goes hand in hand with the listening experience, so we’ve made sure the physical versions of the album are well worth the fans’ hard-earned money. I can’t wait for the world to hear this album

“Chained To Oblivion” features 5 tracks spanning over 45 minutes of music and will be made available on digipack CD and across all digital outlets. A gatefold double LP version of the album will also be offered through Chicago-based War Crime Recordings.


1.      Psychic Tide

2.      Marzanna

3.      Form and Force

4.      Chained To Oblivion

5.       The Hum Of Our Existence

SPIRIT ADRIFT is the result of a lifetime dedicated to music. Both musically and lyrically, the music is punishingly heavy and equally uplifting.  Psychedelic currents ebb and flow throughout passages of unrelenting doom and entrancing melody.  The focus is on writing memorable, meaningful songs that evoke every sonic influence that shaped the musician channeling them. SPIRIT ADRIFT represents the culmination of every bit of Garrett’s musical experience, from piano lessons at age three, through voice training in school choir, whiskey-soaked Sabbath riffs, the joy of Thin Lizzy guitar harmonies and ZZ Top pinch harmonics, good times, awful times and everything in between. Garrett cut his teeth in the south, in a humid melting pot of doom, sludge, psychedelic rock and hardcore punk.  He played, recorded and toured with as many bands as possible and was deeply influenced by the artistic and personal relationships he shared with fellow Arkansans such as Deadbird, Rwake, Seahag and Pallbearer.




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