Oct 11

Southwest Terror Fest Featured Band: Sorrower


The Southwest Terror Fest is a two-day festival covering the best of Arizona’s metal scene with some of the best bands from the underground playing in an intimate setting over two days in Tucson, AZ. The Age of Metal is partnering with the folks from The Southwest Terror Fest to give you a primer of all of the bands playing. Today we look at grind mates Sorrower

Band name: Sorrower

Where are you from?

The greater Phoenix metro area

What do you sound like?

Nasum covering Entombed with a slight hint of His Hero is Gone

How did you get involved with Southwest Terror Fest? 

We had been talking to David from Godhunter about doing a show together in Tucson with a few other friend’s bands, and it somehow turned into us all doing this fest.

What do you think of Arizona’s metal crowd in general?

Uh, it seems to be getting better. I think as the quality of bands on offer increases, which it has, more people become interested.

What’s the most ridiculous thing that’s happened to your band? 

We were passing the giant cross in northern Texas, making fun of it of course, when our van broke down. I believe we were smited by the cross, that thing is pure evil. We wound up stuck in a Motel 6 in Amarillo for 2 days, which is the worst place in the world. We drank a lot.

How has your sound changed over time?

When we started we were more of a straight forward grindcore band. A lot of the early material had been written when I was in my previous band, so I had that sound in mind. Over time, I’ve begun to just do whatever the hell I want, so a lot more Swedish death metal influences have creeped in.

What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to the most at the fest?

Hopefully playing in front of a lot of people, finally catching Godhunter, not to mention seeing TOAD and Seas Will Rise, who are in my opinion two of the best bands AZ has right now. Also, Sons of Tonatiuh is awesome, just heard them for the first time recently and I’m really looking forward to catching them.

What band do you recommend seeing aside from yourselves?

As previously stated, Godhunter, TOAD, Seas Will Rise, Sons of Tonatiuh. Really every band I’ve heard on this fest is rad. Monger rules, TwinGiant rules, Lago! I can’t believe I forgot Lago, one of the best death metal bands to come out of AZ in ages!

Is there a place we can hear your music online?

Yeah, our facebook page. www.facebook.com/sorrowergrind


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