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Southwest Terror Fest Featured Band: Bereft


The Southwest Terror Fest is a two-day festival covering the best of Arizona’s metal scene with some of the best bands from the underground playing in an intimate setting over two days in Tucson, AZ. The Age of Metal is partnering with the folks from The Southwest Terror Fest to give you a primer of all of the bands playing. Today we look at doom supergroup (and one of Saturday’s headliners) Bereft

Band: Bereft

Where are you from?

Los Angeles, CA

What do you sound like?

What do YOU sound like?  Go to our facebook page and find out, lazy ass.

How did you get involved with Southwest Terror Fest?

Dave Rodgers and his crew are some of the most awesome people I have ever worked with.  I would take a bullet for that man, but for now I’ll just have to settle for playing this show.

What do you think of Arizona’s metal crowd in general?

They are very sunburnt

What’s the most ridiculous thing that’s happened to your band?

Probably this very interview question.

How has your sound changed over time?

We only have one album so it hasn’t, unless you are writing this question from the future and you know something I don’t.

What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to the most at the fest?

Eight consecutive hours of gratuitous guitar feedback, needlessly excessive backlines, and alcohol.

What band do you recommend seeing aside from yourselves?

All of them, but off the top of my head I am excited to see Godhunter, North, Hull, Sorrower, and a few more I am probably forgetting.

Is there a place we can hear your music online?

Boosh: www.facebook.com/bereftdoom





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