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Soulfly – Archangel (2015)


Soulfly - Archangel - Artwork

A month into this album’s release, fans are reminded why Soulfly is the king of metal. Archangel combines all of the best elements of extreme metal, and so much more. Blending the remorseless edge of metal atmosphere with a wild energy that’s insurmountable, all Soulfly fans will easily submit to this album. With the time that fans have spent letting each song sink in deep and overtake them, Soulfly’s newest memento is sure to provoke any listener.

The album begins with We Sold Our Souls to Metal. The intro kicks right into brutality with heavy riffing and crunching drumming. You hear a deep growl from Soulfly mastermind Max Cavalera before the song truly begins. This song embodies the passion most feel for metal; the lyrics with a non-conformist tone mixing with the most aggressive of writing. The middle of the song meets a deep bass line, following with a melodic riff. With all of the best elements of metal fit into one song, any metal fan would dig this track!

Out of all of the tracks that coin the sound Soulfly uses, it’s the Archangel title track. It starts off with a voiceover and a squealy solo in the background. Unique effects compliment the singular intro. Heavy grooves lead into Max Cavalera’s vocals, and this formula overtakes until the chorus. A complex solo punctures straight into annihilating rapidity. With a combination of haunting effects and swift drumming, this song easily stands as the most destructive on the album. And to top it off with a ravaging solo toward the end, this song will compel evil in every listener.

The most insane song on this album is Live Life Hard! Its insanity is derived from the experimentation this band is doing. Max Cavalera displays annihilating higher pitched vocals. This is also one of the most shreddy songs, incorporating several solos throughout the song. There is also a tasteful mix of technical and rapid, with melodic and slow. In short, Soulfly doesn’t hold back with this song.

Bethlehem’s Blood is by far the most sinister song on the album. It starts off daunting; whether it’s the provoking opening riff or the storm of horns, this song has the listener’s attention. Right when Max Cavalera’s vocals kick in, the song becomes so deleterious it turns into a deluge of blood. With the ear-opening chant “Let the streets flood with Bethlehem’s Blood!” any listener will rouse with excitement. Towards the end of the song, the rampage becomes wild as the shredding turns sanguine. Overall, this bloody uproar led to a victory from Soulfly.

No song displays more violence than Deceiver. At the song’s start it punches right into savagery with a Zyon Cavalera drum fill that leads directly into swift shredding and Max Cavalera’s iconic rough vocals. With the exception of one of the most well-written solos toward the end of the song, this song is pretty straight forward. But at times, it’s nice to take a break from the complexity and just have the type of death metal that rips you to pieces.

This album ends with Mother of Dragons. What begins as a raging beast turns into an expanse of a riffing frenzy. This mix of malice and dexterity reminds listeners that Soulfly will prevail. And not only will they prevail, but why they have developed a legacy. In this sense, it’s a perfect way to end this album.

Soulfly never comes easy, and they never come soft. Soulfly is the most aggressive force in metal for a good reason, and albums such as Archangel prove this. This coercive leviathan is sure to attack at its prey, seizing the horde of humanity. After a month of Archangel’s release, fans can agree this album truly is destructive. And we expect nothing less from Soulfly.



We Sold Our Souls to Metal
Ishtar Rising
Live Life Hard!
Bethlehems Blood
Mother of Dragons

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast Entertainment

Playing Time: 37 Minutes

Line Up:

Max Cavalera – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Marc Rizzo – Lead Guitar
Tony Campos – Bass Guitar
Zyon Cavalera – Drums


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