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SONS OF BALAUR stream new track, “Van Helsing Must Die”


SONS OF BALAUR, the notorious black metal outfit from Oslo, Norway, have unveiled the second new track off ‘Tenebris Deos,’ their highly-anticipated debut album and first official release in the band’s 20+ year history. The track, a ripper titled “Van Helsing Must Die”, is streaming now at Bloody-Disgusting.

‘Tenebris Deos’, will be released by Season of Mist on Oct. 14 worldwide. Pre-orders for the album are available at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

Regarding “Van Helsing Must Die”, SONS OF BALAUR vocalist Tomas (last name withheld due to legal reasons) tells Bloody-Disgusting:

“‘Van Helsing Must Die’ is an all out black thrash statement of intent, un-pure and simple. I mean who could confuse the intent? That scum is a murderous bastard! A weak, over the hill blood junky clinging onto the past as if anything he does makes the slightest difference to our en-darkened new world of blood and ash… and now I hear he is in league or done some deal with The New Congregation and is attempting to bring about the end of our great Lord Balaur? HIM!?! Hahaha… it would be a favor to put that old asshole out of his misery but I can assure you WHEN it happens it won’t be quick. So raise your fists,  scream until your bloody throats burst and join with us…’VAN HELSING MUST DIE!’

Hail Balaur.

The track list for ‘Tenebris Deos’ can be found below.

Track List:

  1. Invocation
  2. Prologue
  3. Old Relics (Courtesy of Nerdist)
  4. Succubus Slut
  5. The Curse Of Bloodlust
  6. The Nameless Roams The Earth
  7. Van Helsing Must Die
  8. Balaur’s Rise
  9. Athena Bitch Betrayer
  10. Soldiers Of Darkness
  11. Nemetari The Desert Queen

SONS OF BALAUR will also see the release of their biographical novel “Realm of the Damned” in October. The synopsis ‘Realm of the Damned’. can be found below:

“There is no one left to protect us from what lurks in the dark. There is no Hellboy, no Mulder and Scully, no Torchwood or Men in Black coming to save us. The monsters have won. Our world now belongs to them.

The Vatican’s last line of paranormal defense – The Congregation – has finally been overrun by the supernatural forces of darkness. Our heroes are all dead; only the damned remain. Among them is Alberic Van Helsing – addict, murderer, survivor – and the creatures that were once his prey now hunt him across America. But when an apocalyptic evil is resurrected in the forests of Norway, it falls to Van Helsing to become the hunter once again if mankind and monster alike are to see the dawn.

Van Helsing’s quest for salvation and survival takes him through the ruins of a neo-gothic Europe, where he must face the vampire queen of the Vatican, a man-made monster with the heart of a storm, the lycanthropic lord of the forest, the mummified ruler of the slums of Cairo, and the crazed vampire demi-god who threatens to devour them all.

This is the world of ‘Realm of the Damned: Tenebris Deos’, an animated motion graphic novel of pure Black Metal horror that unleashes the classic gothic monsters on a modern rampage of redemption and damnation. Raw, fast-paced, and bristling with atmosphere, this is a bloody and blasphemous epic that leaves no church unburned.”

The cover art for the Realm of the Damned comic can be found below. “Realm of the Damned” can be pre-ordered here: detailed biography about the sordid history of the notorious SONS OF BALAUR, featuring occult rituals, mass orgies, extreme violence, and even human sacrifice, can be found here.

After an absence of fifteen years, during which no one outside of the most extreme Satanic circles has known anything that could be substantiated about their activities, the SONS OF BALAUR have returned from their self-imposed exile in the netherworld to release their debut full length album.

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