Nov 16

Sonata Arctica – Live In Finland (2011)


Sonata Arctica presents this 2 disc (DVD and CD) album, Live In Finland. This album captured the essence of Sonata Arctica on stage, is a good warm up for those that never have seen the band live, and a trip down to memory to those that have seen them before. As always the voice of Tony Kakko is impressive and admirable, The production on this album is really good, sounds crispy and fresh. The set list covers almost the whole discography of the band, from Ecliptica (1999) all the way through The Days Of Grace (2010),  songs like Flag To The Ground, Last Amazing Grace and Replica sound incredible.

The Instrumental Medley and The 8th Commandment  is just a taste of the power of Sonata Arctica. A great live musicianship that lays down the law in tracks like Black And White and Caleb. Also the power ballads are essential on Sonata Arctica‘s music and with Juliet, As If The World Wasn’t Ending and The Misery are those songs that you want to dance slowly to one of their live shows. The DVD is visually powerful with an amazing stage set up and of course the excitement of the Finnish public that packed the place.

A great live album by one of the leading bands on power metal today, the energy that Tony projects live is incredible and his vocal power indeed impresive, great album live to revive that feeling after seeing them live or to have a taste of what can be expected on one of their shows.

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