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Solefald – World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud (2015)


In 2010, Solefald released its masterpiece Norrøn Livskunst that brought Norwegian Avant-garde metal one step forward, showing that Norway is much more than black metal. Four years later, Cornelius and Lazare embarked into a conceptual, musical, and mad experience: World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud which makes honour to its name. After listening this album more than 30 times, I just made a paradigm shift in what I consider as Avant-garde or even metal music… You do really need to open your mind and ears to understand the essence of this delightful album… Remember Iron Maiden‘s Can I Play With Madness? Here it is, this album has been played with madness… Prepare yourself for something special !!!

World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud came to life as a combination of poetry, social analysis, scandinavian mythology, and travels around the world… Wait a moment, travels? Yes, travels !!! Cornelius and Lazare has shaped this album using their cultural and musical experiences over Scandinavia, Europe, and Africa alongside their foreground in different continents, so if you think on the term “World Metal” then they just appear as synonymous… It’s a sincere, pure and thrilling art piece.

This madness starts with World Music with Black Edges, a song that exploits all choral Lazare‘s capabilities with their distinct sound, interesting synths and guttural screams; pay special attention to minute 4:38 where powerful bass, synths and percussions take you into a journey of sounds… just amazing. The Germanic Entity is the longest song in the album, it is a mix of guttural-raspy-clean vocals, raw riffs, techno synths, changing-tempo structure with some industrial metal episodes, a very diverse song. Bububu Bad Beuys can be considered kinda joke or farce song, but it is not !!! It is the result of a wonderful jamming session inside Sound Crafters Studio in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania where Cornelius went to the basics and roots of music: just your throat, percussions and rhythm… It’s what World Metal is !!! Future Universal Histories is a full-time satirical song that criticizes american-european societies’ bad practices and historical people’s mind-control, it is a cadent song with appropriate structure: not as boring to make you sleep but faster enough to keep you into lyrics (love Lazare‘s choral job).

Le Soleil starts with some elegant and cute percussions and synths, followed by guttural voices, choral complements and raw riffs in a well-balanced sound… You can feel satire and self-criticism all over this song (musically and lirical). 2011, or a Knight of the Fail goes from progressive to punk-rock sounds, it is difficult to define what exactly is, but its overall composition has been well done mainly with classical tempo and clean voices mixed with techno-music synths. String the Bow of Sorrow starts with an orchestral arrangement of clean voices, synths and drums and follows with a thrash-based (yes thrash !!!) episode with guttural voices and synths to then go back to the orchestral thing that leads to a slow episode that introduces to a strange musical episode, the song goes back to thrash as the basis of a guitar solo (yes, a guitar solo !!!) followed again by the orchestral thing that concludes the song. Oslo Melancholy is one of those Scandinavia-inspired songs that takes you into a dark-mind state where enlightenment (body) comes to your mind… So, this trip comes to its end where it started, Oslo !!!

This record has a wonderful overall sound, it has been well crafted and mixes all instruments, vocals, and percussion using their own seal… You can easily recognize Solefald’s music and style on every song, Cornelius’s riffs and tempo are definitely unique and exquisite, and when combined with Lazare‘s synths the results only goes up and up into your brain. Plenty of tribal multicultural sounds and satirical lyrics, Solefald is going beyond borders of their own musical and artistic conformity (pretty common in the Scandinavian movement), putting a new rim over an unknown territory…  A new idiosyncrasy that goes beyond the boundaries of metal art… World Metal, Metal to the world, made with parts of this world…

5 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★★

Solefald on Inferno 2013

Solefald on Inferno 2013


1. World Music with Black Edges
2. The Germanic Entity
3. Bububu Bad Beuys
4. Future Universal Histories
5. Le Soleil
6. 2011, or a Knight of the Fail
7. String the Bow of Sorrow
8. Oslo Melancholy

Genre: Avant-garde Metal – Experimental Metal

Record label: Indie Recordings

Playing Time : 50:16

Line Up:

Lazare Nedland – Voices, keys, drums
Cornelius Jakhelln – Voices, guitar, bass

Links :

Official Solefald’s Facebook
Official Solefald’s Lastfm
Solefald on Indie Recordings

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