Apr 23

Sodom – Epitome Of Torture (2013)


The legendary Sodom has released their new album called “Epitome Of Torture.”  The amazing trio of Tom Angelripper (Vocals/Bass), Bernemann (Guitars), Markus “Makka” Freiwald ( Current Drums) have out done themselves.

“Epitome Of Torture” is the most dark ambient atmospheric thrash you could ever hear.  Sodom’s style has been so unique over the years and this album just highlights that.  Keeping that essential thrash beat but creating such a dark sound really takes this album to new depths.  From guitars, vocals and drums it’s totally one of the best sounding thrash album’s I’ve heard in a while. The wide range of different influences that you can hear in the songs is truly something admirable considering this is the bands 22nd album.  After so many years you wonder how can this group of individuals keep pumping out the tunes.  They’ve got the recipe for success down that’s for sure.  If you go back through Sodom’s discography beginning with the early 80’s when they first began, you can hear the evolution and see how much they have progressed and changed things up a bit.  This album displays thrash metal of course but taken to a different level, with slight hints of black metal influences.  The first track really sets the mood, tone and perspective which is what captivated me and made me want more.

My Final Bullet, such an endearing name for such an amazing song.  Its dark ominous guitar intro is what will make you fall in love with it the first second you hear it.  The dark atmosphere it creates are black metal elements which fit the song perfectly.  The vocals on the track are classic of course and everything just fits together so nicely.  The song is very versatile but still is a great thrash song, the rifts at 2:25 till about 3:00 are sick.  Over all after listening to the first track your SOLD, you know everything after is going to be great. Every band needs a song with their name on it so of course the next track is called  S.O.D.O.M.”  Now this song is more of a thrash tune and surely does not disappoint.  “S. O. D. O. M. set the world on fire”!!!  Lyrics like this is what makes you want to sing it over and over again.  Every fan will be singing along to this its catchy fast just the way thrash is supposed to be.  Epitome Of Torture” the self titled track on the album is incredibly heavy.  Sophisticated, on beat, tight and clean recording is hard to accomplish when the ultimate goal is to create such a dismal song and mission accomplished can be said for  Epitome Of Torture.” 

Skipping to the 7th song on the album ” Invocating The Demons,is a song that stands out on the album.  Its different then all the rest.  Its got a more mellow tone and you can really hear Tom Angelripper vocals sound very raw.  It’s nice to simmer things down in an album and really remind you that vocals can sometimes make the track.  Into The Skies Of War” another song that transcends a lot of energy to the album.  Finally we come to the final song Tracing The Victim” is a brutal song with great guitar rifts.  It winds things down and brings this tremendous album to a close.

Over allEpitome Of Torture” is a colossal album from the very start its memorizing and you completely will fall in love with it.  This album is pure magic and shows Sodom is still here and better than ever.  For old fans this is something different that you’ll adore and for new fans this is something you need to listen to so you too can enjoy it

Track List:

01. My Final Bullet (04:40)
02. S.O.D.O.M. (03:46)
03. Epitome Of Torture (03:31)
04. Stigmatized (02:56)
05. Cannibal (04:19)
06. Shoot Today – Kill Tomorrow (04:01)
07. Invocating The Demons (04:25)
08. Katjuscha (03:43)
09. Into The Skies Of War (03:51)
10. Tracing The Victim (04:46)

Genre: Thrash Metal

Label:  SPV GmbH

Playing Time: 49 minutes

Line Up:

Tom Angelripper – Vocals/Bass
Bernemann – Guitars
Markus “Makka” Freiwald – Drums




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