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Sodom discussed with us new music, playing in the US and 70000 Tons Of Metal


SO4It’s a shame that a legendary band like Sodom doesn’t get to make it here to the United States. But after seeing them on the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise I have to say they were one of the best bands I saw. For over thirty years now this band hasn’t stayed quiet. They have been pushing out the most vigorous of thrash metal and playing shows and festivals consistently. The German thrashers will never stay inaudible.

While I was watching this band live, it sounded like each song was cutting deep into your skin. Because every song was sharp as a knife. I’ve always loved Sodom because their songs are fast and annihilating, but this is only amplified during a live set. The rest of the crowd agreed; they were bloodied, bruised and drenched in sweat, but couldn’t have been happier. Sodom is definitely the band that overpowered the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise for 2016!

This band has been going strong for one main reason, and that’s because they refuse to play by anyone else’s rules. Their music is only slaying, combining the most brutal and fast of influences. Even just listening to their recordings, their material sounds coarse and rugged as opposed to polished and pristine. That’s the way extreme metal is supposed to be. And following that with new material planned for this year, Sodom is sure going to seize all extreme metal fans in their trap.


But the quality of this band that still stays is they never lost their passion for thrash metal. There’s only one reason why this band continues making brutal music, and that’s because metal becomes something ritualistic for its listeners. The feelings each member of Sodom has for their music is equivalent to the feelings their own fans have for Sodom’s music. So Sodom fans, this band will continue butchering their way to your hearts!

The Age of Metal was able to speak to Sodom while on the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise. In the interview we discuss the cruise, playing festivals this year, and why they only play music they want.

Photos: Sodom at 70000 Tons Of Metal 2016 (Studio B 02/04/26)


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