Aug 10

Skálmöld – Baldur (2011)


Skálmöld is one of the few bands coming from Iceland that started in 2009, and got the attention of Napalm Records who got them under their wings, and now are releasing their first album titled Baldur. The album tells the story of the Icelandic warrior Baldur whose peace is broken by the destruction of his home and the assassination of his family in the hands of a demon.  Now with revenge in his mind and a battle-axe in his hand he is willing to track and find his enemy putting in risk even his own life.

The album presents a great guitar work and an impeccable production. A true viking metal album that would melt your face and make you want to break some bones at the mosh pit whenever Skálmöld is playing. Even though the album is quite long to be a first album it doesn’t disappoint. In the contrary, I think it show the intentions of the band of making a good story line supported by a good viking/folk musicalization and a fast paced metal album. So go on and get this viking warcry, and support the Skálmöld horde when they come to ravish your town

Track Listing:
1. Heima
2. Árás
3. Sorg
4. Upprisa
5. För
6. Draumur
7. Kvaðning
8. Hefnd
9. Dauði
10. Valhöll
11. Baldur
12. Kvaðning (edit)




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