May 14

Six Feet Under – Undead (2012)


Formed in 1993 by Chris Barnes (ex. Cannibal Corpse) Six Feet Under is a very important band in the death metal scene.  From only being Chris’s side project at the time since then the band has grown so much during the years.  Their sound is very unique than other bands out there.  They were formed during a crucial time in the death metal world and have made their mark as an important influential band. The band latest release is “Undead” (Metal Blade Records.).  Their last album was “Graveyard Classics III,” which was back in 2010.  Current line up is Chris Barnes  (vocals), Rob Arnold (guitar),  Kevin Talley (drums), Steve Swanson (guitar),  Matt DeVries (bass).

“Frozen at the Moment of Death” is the first track off the record & really sets the tone.  It has a very gritty feeling to it and once you hear Chris Barnes infamous deep brutal death metal vocals you assured your listening to non other than Six Feet Under.  The song is a great classic sounding track and has a great guitar solo at about 1:40.   “Formaldehyde” has a killer drum solo opening which later leads into the rest of the song which has a more intense dark atmosphere. “18 Days” & “Molest Dead”, keep things moving along in a very brutal manner.  “Blood on My Hands,” has a very ominous tone & the song has a melancholy feel to it.  The guitar rift on the song was very somber and hypnotizing.  Personally loved it because it really can change your mood and transcend you into a deep space. “Missing Victims,” is a good song off the album it really shows the band still has stayed connected to their roots throughout the years and continue to perfect their sound.

Half way through the album we come to a song called “Reckless,” is a more upbeat song on the album.  It’s the type of song that the crowd will really bang their head on.  Chris Barnes vocals are very raw on this track and his screams are shrill.  If you’re a big Six Feet Under fan you’ll totally get goose bumps.   “Near Death Experience,” is a very malevolent sounding song which fans will surely love.  “The Scar,” is one of the most fastest songs in the album.  Its got some catchy beats and lyrics that will stick in everybody’s head.  “Delayed Combustion Device,” & “Vampire Apocalypse,” are two heavy tracks off the album.  Finally the last song “The Depths of Depravity,” has a very unique different intro compared to all the other songs.  The opening guitar rift is very enchanting and then you hear some brutal vocals.  The song tones up with Chris’s vocals but later on continues to use that guitar gloomy sounding guitar rift which gives it a nice touch.

If you have been a Six Feet Under fan for years you’ll really like the album.  It showcases their classic sound and really has an over all dark atmosphere to it.  I like how the band is able to bring everything down to that tone.  The album is worth a listen and to all existing fans they should go out and pick it up.

Track List (personal picks*)

1. Frozen at the Moment of Death

2. Formaldehyde

3. 18 Days

4. Molest Dead

5. Blood on My Hands*

6. Missing Victims

7. Reckless

8. Near Death Experience*

9. The Scar

10. Delayed Combustion Device

11. Vampire Apocalypse

12. The Depths of Depravity*


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