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Sister Sin discussed Black Lotus & their experience at Mayhem Fest 2015



The Swedish quartet Sister Sin was a surprise announcement for Mayhem Festival 2015, after their tour with Doro back in 2013, the band released their 5th studio album titled Black Lotus in late 2014, Still keeping their mix of rock & roll and hard rock, they were the odd ball for the Victory Records stage, but received a great response from the crowd, and during their signing session. 

Even though, Sister Sin had a short set (25 minutes) they did the best to showcase everything they could from their discography, we had the pleasure to listen to One Out Of Ten out of their first album Switchblade Serenade (2008), Outrage out of their True Sound Of The Underground (2010) album & Fight Song out of Now and Forever. All that was combined with; Food For Worms, Chaos Royale, and Sail North from their latest album Black Lotus (2014).

Sister Sin sounded aggressive, heavy, and definitely they complemented and added a different tone to the Victory Records stage, from the crowd reactions, and for the line at their band signing (almost right after they got off stage), we can tell they got a great fan response. Now, I am sure 25 minutes set is not nearly enough for a full Sister Sin experience, reason why they should do a full US tour next.

After their set & their band signing session we had the chance to speak with Sister Sin (the full band). We talked about their experience at Mayhem Fest 2015, Black Lotus, their visa problems at the beginning of the tour, and how this festival compares with the ones in Europe.

Pictures: Sister Sin at Mayhem Festival (Phoenix, AZ 07/03/15)



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