Dec 10

Show Review: Protest the Hero/Scale the Summit/Last Chance to Reason


Image courtesy of Tucson Weekly

Tucson, Arizona. Home of Skrappy’s, and the place where the Scurrilous tour just so happened to stop by. I’ve heard pretty okay things about the place, but when Hailey and I arrived, it definitely gave off some kind of sketchy vibes. The whole place was graffiti’d up. More in an artsy style, but it definitely gave some kind of odd vibe unlike any venue I’d ever been to (more on the sketch venue in a bit). Anyway, on with the show!

Last Chance to Reason

First up, Last Chance to Reason. This six-piece (though they currently have five members due to band members leaving) has made a lot of waves since their most recent album Level 2 came out. The music sounds just as good live as it does on record. More importantly, Michael Lessard (the band’s vocalist) has absolutely killer stage presence. Some of the best I’ve seen from an opening band in a while.

Upload Complete
Coded to Fail
Taking Control
Temp Files
Programmed for Battle

Chris Letchford of Scale the Summit

Next up, Scale the Summit. I’ve seen this band four times already (three times this past year alone) and they NEVER disappoint. This is perhaps the only band that can play instrumental music without it ever coming off as guitar wankery. Oh, and Black Hills live is still amazing. They don’t really need stage presence because you’re too busy asking yourself, “How do they do that?” They don’t need live visuals. The music speaks for itself.

Balkan/Glacial Planet
Origin of Species
The Levitated
Black Hills
Sargasso Sea

Protest the Hero

Finally, we have Protest the Hero. I suppose this is a good time to mention the glories of Skrappy’s. For starters, if I didn’t see the press release for this tour I wouldn’t have found out about this show: the promoters did not promote. These are bands that could have like 300 people in one night. Secondly, someone should ask what they paid the tour (don’t act like we didn’t know you undercut them, Skrappy’s). Despite all of this, Protest the Hero played one of the best shows I’ve seen, especially with the crowd. Even though there was like 80-100 people there (Rody Walker remarked that it felt like a High School talent show) everyone was moshing and having fun. Rody even held an impromptu Q and A session with the crowd. Their set got cut short by the ever loving curfews of Tucson (though only one song got cut).

All in all, despite being underfunded, Protest the Hero still played a great show and everyone had fun. My personal highlight: Rody yelling at me “Hey Wolfman, stop trying to grab my arm!” because I tried to sing along and had my hand a little too close. All in good fun, of course.


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