May 15

Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir discussed Forces Of The Northern Night live album


Dimmu Borgir recently released their new live DVD Forces of the Northern Night which includes two different live shows one recorded in Oslo with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and the Schola Cantorum Choir in 2011 and the other one is their show at Wacken Open Air in 2012 which includes over 100 musicians on stage. Both of these shows are magnificent live shows that deliver a great symphonic black metal experience. 

After watching the Wacken Open Air show included on the DVD, you quickly realized that this is the way that Dimmu Borgir live should be experienced, unfortunately, that would be a quite difficult enterprise for a 4 weeks tour whether in Europe or North America. But watching the live performance of the symphonic orchestra and the chorus combined with the power and charisma of the band, you realized all the complexity of Dimmu Borgir‘s music and all the different pieces that had to be put together to fit it in an over 80-minutes live album

Songs like; Kings Of The Carnival Creation, Puritania and Mourning Palace are among the most well crafted and performed tracks from this live album. the song Dimmu Borgir was performed twice during the live recordings, once in its instrumental form and once in its lyrical form, which seems to be a challenge for the orchestra and chorus, but a great add to the listener experience. 

One of the cons that this DVD has might be the lack of older Dimmu Borgir material as some of us would have preferred to have the live symphonic treatment given to songs like Arcane Life Force Mysteria, Spellbound By The Devil or even the classic Stormblast.

To understand more about the Forces of the Northern Night live release, we had the pleasure to speak with Dimmu Borgir‘s vocalist Shagrath who shared with us the difficulties of putting such project together. We also talked about the upcoming Dimmu Borgir new album, the decision of remain a three-piece band, and their touring prospects for 2018.

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