May 11

Seth Siro Anton of Septicflesh on his artistic side & the connection with music.



Seth Siro Anton is the frontman & bass player of Greek metal band Septicflesh, he also is an independent artist that had reached worldwide popularity with his work on album art covers for many international bands ranking from Exodus, Kamelot, Moonspell, to Rotting Christ. His work can also be admired on Septicflesh‘s releases and it reflects his feelings about the music he creates with the band.

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure to see Septicflesh touring North America for the third time in less than a year (not many bands have done that before, but then again not all bands are as good and epic live as Septicflesh is). Their show was intense, full of epic tracks out of their new album Titan (2014), and some old songs from the Communion (2008) album, and The Great Mass (2011) album. They not only delivered a great show, and received an intense response from the crowd, but also made clear the importance of their music for the American metalheads that were present at their show.

I always have been curious about Seth Siro Anton‘s work as an artist and the creative process behind pieces like; the cover art for Kamelot‘s album Poetry For the Poison. Which on Seth’s collection is called The Hooded Twins, or Flowing Tears‘s The Kingdom Gone, in Seth’s collection simple titled; Still life Woman Figure II. There is a good number of interesting pieces that he had created not now are part of an infinite number of bands out there. Seth Siro Anton‘s art style is composed by photographs, digital painting, and mixed techniques, which make his pieces quite intriguing, and at times macabre and bizarre.

So in order to get a better picture of how this marvelous pieces of art come to life, we sat with Seth Siro Anton during the band’s stop here in Phoenix, AZ and we talked about the art behind the cover art, his influences, and inspirations, and of course Septicflesh plans of global domination.


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