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Serenity – War Of Ages (2013)



Serenity is one of those bands that sounds amazing on your CD or mp3 player, but is until you see them live that you understand their true power. I had that experience last September at Progpower USA XIII during the band’s début in the United States. Their performance was so amazing that it stole the show during the first day of the festival. Yeah, it was not coming back from that one during the rest of the festival.

Not contempt with creating a masterpiece album like Death & Legacy, conquer hundreds of new fans during their tours in Europe in 2011 and 2012, and crossing the Atlantic to conquer the Americas at ProgPower USA XIII. Serenity returns with a new album, a new member, and a new European tour. So saying that in 2013 they are coming to conquer the world is an understatement.

War of Ages, how to describe this album? To begin with, let’s say is not like Death & Legacy their previous release. But is a more mature and carefully crafted album. It opens with Wings Of Madness, the first thing that call my attention in this song was the new voice on Serenity, Clementine Delauney (ex- Whyzdom) who is now a full member of the band. (This was confirmed in the interview I conducted with them last year). Her interaction with Georg’s voice fits just great as both voices complement each other and it gives life and character to this song.

The Art Of War, is one of those epic songs that will catch your attention not only because of the symphonic arrangements, but the more you listen to it the more epic and fascinating it gets. An example is the epic guitar solo that breaks around 3:22 which pretty much defines the power of this song. Shinning Oasis, has a lot of middle eastern music influences as the subject of the song is none other than Alexander The Great, which makes this song an exotic piece on this album. From Freedom’s Sake, is a beautiful, nostalgic but a sad ballad about the personal sacrifices of those that fought for freedom and a better world.

Age Of Glory & The Matricide, are just bombastic, epic and strong as hell, These songs are pretty much Serenity on a nutshell. The guitar work, the symphonic arrangements, the vocal talent and how all of it mixed together create a powerful couple of tracks that will seduce you until total head bang, they are just fantastic. Symphony For The Quiet is one of those catchy and powerful songs that give you the shivers just to think about seeing it perform live. Well I hope someday I will be able to, for now is just amazing.

Tannenberg, refers of course to the famous battle between the Russian Empire and the German Empire during the first days of War World I. Again the historical factor so important in Serenity‘s music, the emotion and descriptive point of view of the German victory that was indeed important, but not decisive for the turnout of the war. A paid homage that the band does to one of the most important battles in modern history. Legacy Of Tudors is my favorite song out of this record, not only because talks about one of the most controversial dynasties of European history, but because of the musical intensity, the powerful message, and the vocal work that this song delivers. Is just astonishing.

Royal Pain, is the song that closes this album, a mix of musical progressions where guitars and keyboards are the foundational base for a great duet between Clementine & Georg, all in the background of a historical event. Again Serenity creates an album rich in musical greatness with a historical approach that will leave you asking for more. I guess in this case we can say that fairy tales can become real in the form of beautiful and epic power metal. Bravo!, Serenity, Bravo!



01. Wings Of Madness
02. The Art Of War
03. Shining Oasis
04. For Freedom’s Sake
05. Age Of Glory
06. The Matricide
07. Symphony For The Quiet
08. Tannenberg
09. Legacy Of Tudors
10. Royal Pain

Genre: Symphonic Power Metal

Record Label: Napalm Records


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