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Septicflesh – Esoptron Re-Issue (2013)


SOM 286LP V2.indd

On June 11, Septicflesh’s kinetic sophomore album Esoptron was re-released. It was originally released by Holy Records in 1995. Season of Mist, the label Septicflesh is currently signed on to, released the brutal re-issue. The re-issue features new mastering and new artwork done by the band’s bassist, Spiros “Seth Siro Anton” Antoniou. Along with this, the re-issue also features three bonus tracks: Woman of the Rings (Remastered), Crescent Moon (Live in Lille 1999) and Brotherhood of the Fallen Knights (Live in Lille 1999). The album’s title is Greek for “mirror.” This album embodies the transition that Septicflesh started; evolving from an early death metal band to coining their dismal sound they’re famous for.

Septicflesh was founded by brothers guitarist Christos and Spiros Antoniou and guitarist Sotiris Vayenas. They formed in 1999 in Athens, Greece. They released six full-length albums before parting ways in 2003. In 2007, they reunited due to popular demand. Since their reunion, they released some of their most respectable work: Communion (2008) and The Great Mass (2011). With the re-issue of Esoptron, along with their previously re-issued debut full-length Mystic Places of Dawn, Septicflesh is exhibiting how vigorous they truly are.

What I love about this re-issue is how it captures the potency of the songwriting while improving the quality. Old Septicflesh is brilliant, but it is, to say respectfully, old. These re-issues take the genius that it was intended to be, but making it fit today’s standards on recording quality. But don’t think these re-issues mark the end of the legacy for Septicflesh. They just completed their “The Great Mass over Europe” tour, and this year Septicflesh are the headliners on the Vibe stage at Rockwave Festival. But even though these re-issues are fantastic, I’m just about ready for some new material.



1. Breaking the Inner Seal
2. Esoptron
3. Burning Phoenix
4. Astral Sea
5. Rain
6. Ice Castle
7. Celebration
8. Succubus Priestess
9. So Clean So Empty
10. The Eyes of Set
11. Narcissism
12. Woman of the Rings [bonus track]
13. Crescent Moon (Live in Lille 1999) [bonus track]
14. Brotherhood of the Fallen Knights (Live in Lille 1999) [bonus track]

Genre: Gothic Metal

Label: Season of Mist

Playing Time: 57 minutes and 49 seconds


Spiros “Seth Siro Anton” Antoniou – Bass & Vocals
Christos Antoniou – Guitars & Orchestral
Sotiris Anunnaki V. – Guitars & Clean Vocals
Fotis Benardo – Drums



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