Jan 18

Selim Lemouchi from The Devil’s Blood Talks to The Age of Metal


The Devil’s Blood is an interesting band. They play the throwback metal/psychedelic stuff that’s really been on the rise lately (as I mentioned in my end of the year list). Their most recent album, The Thousandfold Epicentre, finally came out on US shores and to be honest, I didn’t know who they were before I got the album. Now I’ll say this: I’m hooked.

The album immediately grips you from the beginning. You’ll find it hard to not sing along to On the Wings of Gloria, especially near the end where the song really explodes. Even on the more mellow songs like Cruel Lover, you can’t help but listen. The band is unique in the fact that it makes you listen, not because it’s heavy or punishing (it’s quite far from that). No other band in any genre can put its hold on you like they can. It’s a totally unique feeling that I haven’t felt in a record in a very long time.

A big part of the reason they hook you is the lyrics. Unlike other bands who sing/scream hymns to Satan, these people mean it. You never get the feeling that they’re pretending to be Satanic because it’s the cool/tr00/kvlt thing to do. Given that SL (the guitarist/leader of this band) is the mastermind behind this project, the credit goes to him in terms of meaning: he’s the real deal. If you’ve ever seen their live shows, they’re much more like Watain than Behemoth in execution. This is a good thing: if you’ve seen Watain live, you know how serious they get.

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: the fact that this band released this album last year in Europe really makes me wish I’d known about them then. I would absolutely put them in my top list. This band did for me what Kvelertak did for me last year: make me regret not being on top of everything coming out in Europe first.

I had the honor of interviewing SL, the mastermind of The Devil’s Blood. Feel free to listen below.

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