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Sean & Kevin of Thy Art Is Murder talked about Holy War & Mayhem Fest 2015



Since the worldwide released of Hate in 2013, Thy Art Is Murder has become one of the single most respected acts in the metalcore scene. When the genre was falling into monotony, it was Thy Art Is Murder who brought a different tone to it, they injected life to it. I am personally not into the whole core scene, but even since I listen Hate in 2013 after the band signed with Nuclear Blast, they blew me away as their style is more technical and more complex that your regular metalcore band. 

But it was until I saw them live at Mayhem Fest 2015 at the beginning of the month that I understood why they are so respected and why people liked their music so much. With the released of their third studio album, Holy War, just a few weeks before their kick off show at Mayhem Fest, the expectation for seeing them live got higher, as the album is quite heavy and quite really direct. the band delivered a solid 25 minute performance (I wish they could had more time) at Mayhem Fest 2015, their set was a mixed sample from their last two albums; Reign of Darkness, The Purest Strain of Hate, and Shadow of Eternal Sin out of their Hate (2012) album, and Light Bearer & Holy War out of their recently released Holy War (2015).

I think the single thing that blew me away was the consistent response from the crowd who sang along the lyrics of Reign of Darkness & The Purest Strain of Hate from beginning to end. From all the bands before them, Thy Art Is Murder was the one that got the crowd going totally nuts (even under a 110 degree filled of sundown light pointing direct to them).

Before their set Sean Delander (Guitar) & Kevin Butler (Bass) spoke with us about their first Mayhem Festival experience, the story behind Holy War, the fan response to it, their take on current social events, and what is next for Thy Art Is Murder for the rest of the year.

Pictures: Thy Art Is Murder at Mayhem Festival 2015 (Phoenix, AZ 07/03/15)



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