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Scott Hedrick of Skeletonwitch discussed the Decibel Magazine Tour & The Apothic Gloom



There is truly no other band like Skeletonwitch. With a combination of an aggressive atmosphere and dexterity, Skeletonwitch has been able to conquer the metal industry. Each release that Skeletonwitch wrote has contained an indescribable amount of power, and this will ring true with their upcoming EP The Apothic Gloom. As well as the upcoming release, everyone was engulfed by their performance at the Decibel Magazine Tour.

Playing new songs such as Well of Despair and older songs such as Beyond the Permafrost this band sure left a lasting effect on the crowd at The Orpheum in Tampa. In short, there was a lot of headbanging!

Right when the set started, the opening riff to I am of Death (Hell has Arrived) reduced any sanity that was at the venue. Throughout the performance, the crowd showed relentless energy. The vigor only increased with songs off of Serpents Unleashed such as Unending, Everliving. And the velocity became insane when they premiered their new song Black Water. While Skeletonwitch has probably had some great crowds on this tour, have any of them really been more menacing than Tampa? With moshing and stage diving the crowd was belligerent.

Skeletonwitch 8

Another main aspect of the band’s performance was the introduction of new vocalist Adam Clemans. His vocals are very melodic, but his tone is extremely harsh. It was hard for a lot of Skeletonwitch fans to see longtime vocalist Chance Garnette leave, but fans are willing to make an exception for Clemans. Overall, the new material with Clemans sounds very heavy with the perfect amount of groove. While all Skeletonwitch fans can expect animosity on new material, Skeletonwitch will probably find a way to make it unpredictable.

The Age of Metal was able to speak with guitarist Scott Hedrick. In the interview, he discusses the tour, the new EP and the writing behind Skeletonwitch’s music.

Photos: Skeletonwitch at the Orpheum Theater (Tampa, FL 03/20/16)


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