Apr 24

Scott Hedrick from Skeletonwitch Talks to The Age of Metal



Skeletonwitch is fucking brutal. Their brand of blackened thrash has been resounding with crowds both mainstream and underground. They also tour all the time, which certainly helps. Due to their constant touring schedule, their live show has been refined to a science: go batshit insane on stage and the rest of the crowd follows. That proved itself to be quite true at their stop in Mesa, Arizona: the crowd was berserk. Frontman Chance Garnette has proven himself the be quite the dynamic frontman, not taking a pause for pretty much the entire show.

They’re only getting better on record too: Forever Abomination is great. It’s definitely heavier than the previous records (Reduced to the Failure of Prayer will slam you into the sidewalk) yet there are also plenty of…dare I say…melodic parts too. The lead single (The Infernal Resurrection) definitely has a really strong melody thanks to guitarists Nate Garnette and Scott Hedrick. It’s definitely something that’s less “bash one’s head into the nearest wall” (though not by much) and more of a song to write your motorcycle too, in my opinion.

We had the opportunity to talk to Scott from the band. The chat is below.

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