May 16

Savn – Savn (2014)



Since the moment it was announced that Stig Johansen and Anders Thue (ex-The Sins Of Thy Beloved) were creating new music involving Carmen Elise Espenæs (Midnattsol) this band had my full attention. For years, it has been a rumor of a The Sins Of Thy Beloved reunion, but there was nothing concrete about it, only speculations. (To end those speculations, no they are not reuniting)With the creation of Savn, Stig Johansen and Anders Thue channeled that The Sins Of Thy Beloved magical and dark melodies towards a band that has little to nothing to compare with TSOTB, but on the contrary, it’s a new vehicle that fits the modern state of the genre they once were pioneers of. Their self-titled album Savn fusions folk metal, symphonic gothic metal, a bit of doom metal, and some rock influences here and there. The innovation within Savn relies on how they bring their previous styles together with Carmen‘s voice and influence to create a new sound variation within the symphonic metal spectrum.

Songs like; Musical Silence, The Demons In Me, and All I Want are the perfect fusion of folk and symphonic metal, that brings the structural influences of The Sins Of Thy Beloved and Midnattsol into a single composition, that shows the creative potential of this band, and that results in the perfect balance between light and dark.

I Am Free, Sorrowful, and Now Or Never had a greater TSOTB influence (which is obvious) but again the direction and intention of their music has a more modern touch and approach, but I must say that the introduction of the violin and piano arrangements in songs like; I Am Free and Now Or Never are just classic gothic metal pieces, really beautiful as highly charged with sorrow. Some more rock intended songs like Hang On or Lengselens Hånd are more catchy, which balanced the album towards a broader audience.

Now, the participation of Michelle Darkness (End Of Green) on The Demons In Me and Liv Kristine (Leaves Eyes) on I Am Free delivered a different texture to Savn‘s music, and even though this is the band’s debut album, we can see the know how to give color and take music to a different level on a field where almost everything has been tried and done.

Overall, Savn returns the faith to those ones we once thought that the legacy of The Sins of Thy Beloved was lost, and could never be heard again. I guess, we were wrong and Savn is the proof that their spirit still alive, the only difference, is that it chose a different path to express itself. If you are into folk metal, and old school symphonic gothic metal, you must check out Savn self-title debut album.

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Musical Silence
Hang On
The Demons in Me
Longing For Love
I Am Free
All I Want
Now or Never
Lengselens Hånd
Hang On (Growling Version)
The Demons in Me (Growling Version)

Genre: Folk/Symphonic/gothic metal

Record Label: CDR Records

Playing Time: 50 minutes

Line Up:

Carmen Elise Espenæs – vocals
Stig Johansen – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Anders Thue – Keyboards


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