Jul 31

Sam Totman of Dragonforce talked to us about Maximum Overload


Sam TotmanDragonforce is a well-known power metal band, perhaps one of the best known out there. This year the U.K sextet is coming back with a new album titled, Maximum Overload. The album is the reaffirmation of the trademark sound that Dragonforce had built during the last 15 years (really fast riffs, high-pitched vocals and blasting drums).

Maximum Overload, is not a concept or a change of pace in Dragonforce‘s career, it’s just good old-fashioned Dragonforce‘s power metal style. The album brings out a couple of new things; for instance, on Maximum Overload is the first time Dragonforce used an outside producer, Jens Borgen (Fascinations Studios). Also, this is the first time the band records a cover (Johnny Cash‘s Ring Of Fire).

Maximum Overload, counts with the participation of Matt Heafy of Trivium, who did guest vocals for the songs, The GameDefenders, and No More. Recently, The Age Of Metal had the pleasure to speak with Sam Totman, guitar player and founder member of Dragonforce. We talked about Maximum Overload, Matt Heafy, Babymetal, and the trademark sound of Dragonforce.

Interview with Sam Totman of Dragonforce by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud


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