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Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ discusses being on the Route of Hell and their new album Rituals



The Black Metal Warfare Pt. II proved to be the route of Hell, but Rotting Christ proved to be superior. This act came all the way from Greece to deliver their material to America and prevailed. Even being the tour openers, this band immediately fumed the stage; their presence bearing amongst the masses as the crowd relinquished in their power. Tampa, Florida experienced the most belligerent force the night of November 27. And everyone at Tampa’s Orpheum was able to indulge in the vigorous sensation known as Rotting Christ.

What better way to open up their set than with the song 666. With the slow intro, the crowd was waiting anxiously at the stage. As the members approached the stage, the crowd roared in excitement. The crowd was immediately aroused as Tampa headbanged their way through the song. Their latest Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy album received plenty of love, as Rotting Christ played vehement tracks such as Kata Ton Demona Eaytoy and one of my personal favorites P’unchaw Kachun/Tuta Kachun. Since this band plays tracks from all material, they heightened the intensity of their performance with Athanati Este and even brought in the harsher The Sign of Evil Existence from their Thy Mighty Contract album. Overall, Rotting Christ’s performance was nothing short of eminent. And with a new album on the horizon along with a busy touring year planned, this band can only become more ruthless.

The Age of Metal was able to speak to Rotting Christ mastermind Sakis Tolis. In the interview, we discuss the tour, what he can tell us about their newest album Rituals, and why metal has been his way of promoting anti-religious beliefs.

Photos: Rotting Christ at The Orpheum (Tampa, FL 11/27/15)


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