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Sacred Reich – Live At Wacken (2012)


From the desert of hell classic thrashers Sacred Reich based out of Phoenix, Arizona have been blasting tunes since 1985.  Filled with rich history and killer tracks the band has released several EP’s and albums throughout the years.  Its been years since they have released any new material but the band wanted to melt our ears off with a very special treat.

Held in Germany a little festival called Wacken began back in 1990 and over the years has grown to become one of the most anticipated popular European Festivals in the Summer.  That’s 22 years of metal blasting through Deutschland.  Sacred Reich played the festival in 2007 and decided to release the recording of that historical night.

Personally I believe that those giant festivals are once in a life times experiences.  Nothing can ever recreate the sights, sounds, crowd, or emotion felt that night by the bands orpeople attending.  Being able to capture the set on an audio recording is like saving time in a bottle.  Its precious and won’t fade away.  Sacred Reich managed to freeze this moment in time by releasing this album so that everyone that day or even people who weren’t able to attend that show can experience it.  The greatest thing about this album is the sound quality, despite being a huge festival there is no distortion, the recording is very clean and crisp.  The band interaction with the crowd is always a plus.  Hearing those faint screams in the background and all those voices trying to sing as loud as they can will always give you the chills.
Their set list for the night was killer.  They opened with “The American Way,” which you can bet had the crowd head banging as soon as they started.  “Love… Hate” was a great song live because you get to hear Phil Rind tell the crowd, “You make a bunch of old guys feel good” & he goes on by thanking the crowd.  It’s awesome to hear how much the band appreciates their fans and then when the crowd cheers you can feel how much they love them.  Later through their set they played the classic cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” where the crowd immediately begins to sing.  Nothing better than a band and metal heads paying their respects to a classic band who was part of the developement of metal throughout history.  Finally what better way to end a show than with a catchy up beat totally killer thrash song Surf Nicaragua, you can just imagine the amount of curly-haired, jean vest, high top wearing kids almost killing each other in the pit.  Bloody noses, black eyes, messy hair and all the works.
If you’re a classic Sacred Reich fan its a must to go pick up this album.

Track List (personal picks*)

01. The American Way*
02. Administrative Decisions
03. One Nation
04. Love… Hate*
05. Ignorance
06. Crimes Against Humanity
07. Who’s To Blame
08. State Of Emergency
09. War Pigs (BLACK SABBATH cover)
10. Independent
11. Death Squad
12. Surf Nicaragua*

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