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Sacha Dunable of Intronaut Talks to The Age of Metal



Intronaut is one of the most interesting bands to come out in recent years. The technical prowess and the focus on polyrhythms is offset by a musicality that no other band has. Since Valley of Smoke, they’ve been pushing the limits of what heavy is – the move to clean vocals is one of the best moves for them. At their first show in support of their latest record, Habitual Levitations, they debuted several new songs. How do they sound? Absolutely incredible.

You’d expect for a band that plays shows with the likes of Tool to have the leverage to have a big setup – maybe even some scrims. Not so. They do, however, have a smoke machine and some pretty lights. However, the vibe of the whole show was chill. It seemed as if many of the attendees knew the band. One doesn’t simply skip the Super Bowl for any band.

However, you’re reading this review because you want to know how the new music sounds. Well, I already like it more than Valley of Smoke, and that was the second best record I’d listened to that year when it came out. They played five new songs. The titles from the set list:

Killing Birds
Milk Leg
The Welding
Sore Sight

Now, Steps/Sore Sight (not sure which) has this headbanging groove. It’s amazing. The vocals are predominantly clean, with some Mastodon-esque dirty clean vocals thrown in. Dave Timnick, the other guitarist, is becoming as much of a front man as Sacha. That is to say, the band is becoming tighter as a band. That’s refreshing.

We had the opportunity to talk to vocalist/guitarist Sacha Dunable about the new record, the tour with Meshuggah, and dolphins.



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